How To Reduce Cargo Thefts: 6 Important Things To Know

By  //  August 24, 2021

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Every year, billions of dollars in cargo are lost to cargo theft. It can be difficult for business owners who don’t know what steps they need to take to reduce this problem. In this blog post, we will cover 6 things that you should know about the importance of reducing cargo theft. Reduce your losses by following these tips!

1. Keep Cargo In A Secured Area

Keep cargo in a secured area Reduce the risk of theft by storing it in a locked area. If you have high-value items that need to be stored overnight there are companies like Migway that you can use to store up your cargo, or you can just take it to exactly where you want it to be, either at your company or your store if you own one.

Additionally, you could recruit a truck driver and just to make sure they are qualified road test them or, take them to truck driving school just to be on the safe side. Either way, you need to secure your cargo at all costs because you never know what will happen, so using a trailer tracking device will help improve security. Ever heard of the saying, it’s better to be careful than sorry?

Well, if not now you have. One common way thieves steal cargo is to drive their vehicle into secured areas and use wire cutters or bolt cutters on locks.

2. Have Security Measures In Place

Reduce the attractiveness of your truck by removing accessories and logos that can be sold on the black market for profit; Provide footage of security measures in place, such as alarms, cameras, and armed guards to deter thieves from targeting you. Request an escort if necessary.

Consider a service like truckers against trafficking (TAT). TAT escorts are law enforcement officers or military personnel who ride along with drivers to protect against aggressive tactics used by traffickers looking for another target when they’re unable to find their original target.

Make sure all employees wear uniforms, so passersby don’t feel threatened about approaching them; this also helps avoid confusion over which person to approach. Take care when posting social media posts in public locations like truck stops, gas stations, and rest areas.

3. Don’t Park Your Car Near The Loading Dock

Reduce the amount of time your car is parked near a loading dock by parking in an adjacent parking lot. If there are no nearby lots, park at least 25 feet away from the loading door and stay close to it while unloading or picking up cargo.

Cargo thieves will often scope out their targets before moving in for the theft; they know what cars belong to drivers who regularly work that delivery route, so they’ll wait until those vehicles have pulled into the location’s lot before breaking through locks on truck doors and stealing any items left inside.

This technique also helps prevent criminal damage to your vehicle: if you’re not there when criminals break through your locked trunk, then nobody will be able to steal anything from inside as well!

4. Always Lock Up Your Truck Or Trailer

Reduce cargo theft by locking up your truck or trailer when not in use. This is important because it’s so easy for thieves to break into an unlocked vehicle and take whatever they want. When you know the container will be unattended, lock it as part of a routine before leaving and return to check that all doors are locked.

Trains should always have their locks checked before departure; this ensures there is no tampering with commodities while en route.

5. Install An Alarm System On Your Vehicle

Reduce the chances of theft by installing an alarm system on your vehicle. Alarm systems make it impossible for thieves to get in and out without being noticed, so they will avoid a car with this installed more than one that is not locked down. Investing in good locks is also important – you want something strong enough to withstand any break-in attempt.

Install motion sensors around the perimeter of your business property as well, which can alert authorities if there is movement or someone has entered after hours when no one should be allowed inside. 

6. Be Aware Of Any Suspicious Activity

Avoid driving at night when it is more difficult to see suspicious activity around you, and do not be afraid to ask other drivers for help if they are concerned about something. Keep in mind that criminals who wish to steal a load will often follow trucks from one-stop until they find an opportunity to strike.

If someone seems like they may have been following you just before or during a theft, call the emergency call immediately and report them as “suspicious” – even if there was no crime committed yet! They might be casing out the area for future opportunities.

The number of cargo thefts has been on the rise in recent years, and it’s only getting worse. Cargo theft is a problem that everyone can help to reduce by doing their part, from truck drivers who are transporting goods to manufacturers storing items in warehouses or distribution centers. You have the above six important things to know when it comes to reducing cargo theft.