NBC POLL: President Biden’s Approval Rating Drops Among Americans Amid Afghanistan Debacle

By  //  August 22, 2021

Biden's Approval Rating drops from 53% in April to 49%

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(FOX NEWS) – A rise in COVID cases due the highly contagious delta variant, heavy criticism over the rushed U.S. evacuation of personnel and allies from Afghanistan and an increase in inflation all appear to be taking a toll on President Biden’s approval rating among Americans.

The president stands at 49% approval and 48% disapproval according to an NBC News poll released on Sunday. That’s a drop from Biden’s 53% approval and 39% disapproval from an NBC News survey conducted in April.

Biden’s approval rating dropped under 50% for the first time in NBC News polling. The president’s approval rating stood at 49% approval – 48% disapproval in a Gallup poll conducted Aug. 2-17.

Just a quarter of those questioned in the NBC News survey, which was conducted Aug. 14-17, said they approved of the job Biden was doing handling the situation in Afghanistan, with 60% disapproving.