Chinese Shipping Agents – A Great Way to Save Time and Money!

By  //  September 10, 2021

A shipping broker refers to someone who manages cargo at the various ports in behalf of ship operators. They usually have a tie up with different shipping companies and act as their agents. As such, here are some of their important roles played by Chinese shipping brokers in the shipping sector.

Dealing With Ship Clearance/Rates.

Most if not all import suppliers will attest to this that handling custom clearance is one of their most daunting stages while shipping goods to China.

It involves a lot of paper works such as application forms, receipts, payment details, etc. Furthermore, the customs officer conducting the inspection also needs to do tons of paperwork for inspecting the goods and then clearing them for clearance.

As such, if the goods need to get cleared before they can be shipped to China, Chinese shipping agents take care of this process on behalf of their clients.

They basically act as a China contact for their clients where they take care of all the paper works for their goods and act as the middleman for getting their shipment cleared by the relevant authorities.

Not only that, it can also save you a lot of time. As such, many persons who need to import goods from China do so because they want to do their business in the fast and easiest way.

Now, what can be faster than shipping to China from your home by landing up at the nearest airport or border and contacting the Chinese customs clearance department? The process usually takes weeks and if you are importing large amounts of goods, then you may have to spend a huge amount of money in order to get your shipment cleared by the Chinese customs.

Another role played by Chinese shipping agent is in procuring custom clearance for heavy machineries. Some of these heavy machineries include CNC machines, crane, and the like. These things often come with stringent requirements that have to be fulfilled by the exporter. Unless these requirements are fulfilled, the shipment will not be permitted entry into China. Thus, contacting a Chinese shipping agent can be very helpful for such exporters.

They are well versed with the Chinese customs clearance procedures and can assist the exporters in getting their goods cleared without any hassles.

If the importer wants to avail the facility of Chinese freight brokers, then they need to submit their request to the said Chinese liaison. The broker then considers the request and accordingly gets in touch with the right Chinese freight company for the shipment.

Once the request has been approved by the Chinese customs, the Chinese shipping company contacts the concerned bureau or agency that deals with the export and imports of goods.

The bureau or agency then inform the concerned person or company about the shipment, which then gets logged in the records.

This entire process of shipping from one country to another is made possible by the Chinese customs clearance of the goods. These agents also help in maintaining a record of all the shipments that come from the Chinese suppliers.

Thus, it can be said that these Chinese agents not only facilitate the foreign trade but also help the exporter to get rid of their shipment at their door steps.