Improve Your Mental Health With Ali-Metin Olgun’s New Coaching App

By  //  October 11, 2021

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Everyone understands the importance of physical health. You will receive the advice to eat healthily and exercise from anyone. But, something that a lot of people ignore is mental health. Up until a couple of decades ago, talking about your mental health was considered weird.

Luckily, the world is waking up to the importance of maintaining a healthy mind, and Ali-Metin Olgun is here to help you through this journey.

A brief background on Ali-Metin Olgun:

Ali-Metin Olgun is a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur from Germany. His previous successes include a gym and health food label. These products aren’t just a business, however. They are the epitome of Ali-Metin’s goal, which is to bring health and fitness to as many people as possible.

The reason behind a mental health coaching app:

Now, you might be wondering, “How did he get an idea for such an app?” The answer to this is fairly simple. His gym is there to provide external fitness, while the food label exists to nurture and stabilize the inner workings of a person’s body. The next logical step in his line of products is something for mental health.

There were many ways to achieve his goal of providing mental health coaching. But Ali-Metin Olgun wants to make this as accessible as possible for everyone, and what thing that everyone has nowadays? Yes, a smartphone. So, an interactive app is the best way to provide effective mental coaching without making it inaccessible or a hassle for many.

What the app does:

The contents of this app are still in development, but this isn’t because of any issues. Ali-Metin Olgun just wants the app to be perfect. He is conducting extensive research into mental health with the help of professional psychologists and universities. There are a few concepts that are pretty clear, and here is a small preview of them.

Goal definition:

The app will assist you in setting attainable goals that will drive you forward. Aimless life is extremely taxing on your mental health, and the best way to combat it is to set goals for yourself. It might appear hard at first, but the app will take you one step at a time so you can get accustomed to this practice.

Alleviating work stress:

Work stress is quite literally toxic for mental health. Learning how to leave any and all work stress at work will allow you to have a calm and rewarding life. The app will coach you through the process of mastering this skill.

Autosuggestion (self-influence):

Autosuggestion is a powerful tool in the right hands, and mastering it takes time. Luckily, the app produced by Ali-Metin Olgun will make the process understandable by everyone.

Final words:

Ali-Metin Olgun is constantly thinking about making the world a better place by spreading the importance of physical, internal, and mental health. This app is just one step in his ongoing quest. Follow Ali-Metin on social media for regular updates on his adventures.