Space Themed Games Taking Us to Infinity and Beyond

By  //  November 19, 2021

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Ever since the space race began, Cape Canaveral and Florida has been synonymous with human exploration beyond the atmosphere of our planet. “We choose to go to the moon” declared one great president, before Project Apollo would eventually realize that ambition, launched from the Kennedy Space Center named posthumously in his honor.

Today, this coastal area to the east of Orlando remains a vital platform for space exploration. Alongside the ongoing NASA operations, the most famous cape in the world is also home to the United States Space Force and the project founded by Elon Musk in 2002.

The venue has also provided inspiration for several video games, including three released in the last few years, each bringing their own unique charm to the space exploration theme.

Kerbal Space Program

Developed by Squad and released by Private Division, in Kerbal Space Program we take charge of adventures which deeply resemble those of humanity, from the earliest years of bootstrap technology to finally arriving at new planets. Our task is to design and build new spacecraft, using realistic aerodynamic and orbital physics, then construct space stations and landing sites as we launch our intrepid Kerbal expeditions.

While the setting may be fictional, the attention to detail of this game is truly fascinating, as we research and develop new technologies, extracting resources from the worlds and moons we explore.

Boasting thousands of positive reviews, the game and its additional content are often available at discounted prices, making this novel and educational gaming experience well worth checking out. 

Journey to Mars

Considering one of the greatest ambitions at present is to reach the red planet, Journey to Mars takes us on that adventure via an intriguing online slot game.

Based around an interface that emulates the launch pads at Cape Canaveral, matching icons on the spinning reels will trigger unique features, launching the rocket and taking us on our exciting pathway to Mars itself. Released by Relax Gaming, this is truly a unique slot which captures our imagination.

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Space Engineers

The beauty of any great space game is the freedom to explore, try different things and even make mundane activities feel exciting. That’s entirely the aim of Space Engineers, which is a sandbox game produced by indie developer and publisher Keen Software House.

Kind of like an infinite Lego set based in space, literally anything can be assembled and taken apart, as we build everything from spacecraft to planetary outposts.

Continually updated with add-on packs bringing extra flavor to gaming sessions, the only limits to this fascinating simulation depend entirely on our own creativity and imagination. In this game we can play alongside or compete with other players, initiating our very own space race and seeking dominance amongst the stars.

The learning curve can be quite deep within this quest for survival and supremacy, although the overall experience makes for a thrilling and engaging adventure.

No Man’s Sky

Originally launched back in 2016 after years of development, when Hello Games founder Sean Murray set out his ambitions for No Man’s Sky, nobody thought such an expansive concept was possible. Despite the initial release problems and mixed critical reviews, this game has truly evolved into something spectacular, largely thanks to the determination of a small team of determined programmers.

The net result is that in 2021, this is one of the most fascinating space games around, built around four pillars: exploration, survival, combat, trading. The whole universe is created by procedural generation, which means that every session is completely different.

Whenever setting foot on a new planet, no two worlds are ever the same, which means there is always something new to discover and experience, including the unique flora and fauna.

Games Capturing Our Imaginations

Perhaps what sets these great space games apart is the constant sense of wonder, as we get to explore and shape our own adventures, aiming to learn and advance as we build upon challenging new experiences.

Indeed, that is the very essence of what made Florida such an important part of the human space experience, which is why simulating that experience can be such great fun in video games.