Top 5 Weightlifting Tips for Beginners

By  //  November 14, 2021

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Working out with weights is a usual exercise people tend to do for their workout routines, whether in the gyms or at home. It is an appealing activity as it helps with strengthening the muscles. 

With different means and various equipment to use, weight lifting is a popular form of working out. It is also a competitive sport in sporting events such as the Olympics.

But where do you begin? Whether you want to try weightlifting as a sport or part of your workout, here are some weightlifting tips for beginners.

Do Warmups and Cooldowns

Before you begin to move those weights, you need to ensure that your body is prepared to do so. Warmups are essentially a pre-workout routine.

Doing this regularly before weightlifting or even with other workouts, in general, has several benefits. These benefits include increased oxygen and blood flow, fewer risks to injury, and less muscle pain at the end of the workout.

Warmups may vary depending on the type of workout you do, but in the case of weightlifting, the type of warmups you need is that of strength workouts. It is encouraged to do more than one type of warming up, and these must be done in at least 5 to 10 minutes. Some warmup examples are squats, arm circles, and stretches.

Should you do post-workout exercises after weightlifting? Yes. These are called cooldowns. Cooldowns are exercises that aim to ease the body from the strain of the recently done workout. It brings your body back to its normal condition outside your workout routine. 

Similar to warmups, you must do your cooldowns for 5 to 10 minutes. Examples of cooldowns are stretches, bends, or stationary positions.

Know Your Weights

As we have to work with weights, you have to know how much you can endure. While the purpose of lifting weights is to gain strength, you need to begin with weights that you can handle. Eventually, after some time, you will be able to gain more strength to lift heavier weights.

The weights you can begin with are mainly the weight you can carry and how long you can endure lifting them without feeling exhausted. You can do so by testing out a few weights (whichever equipment is available) and attempting to do one set of 10 repetitions. If you feel out of breath by the end of the set, it would be best to try a lighter one.

The amount of how many sets and repetitions per set you need to do depends on the goals you want to obtain by weightlifting, as different weightlifting exercises may have varied results. It is best to consult a professional trainer for the specifics.

Consider Purchasing Equipment

The gym is undoubtedly a great workout area, but what if you want to do it at home? Depending on your workout routine and the equipment needed, you can do it at a home gym. But first, you might want to get yourself some equipment.

The best option would be to purchase weightlifting equipment, as long as you ensure it is the exact one you need and weighs just right for you. You can find it in several stores, or you can skip the inconvenience and look for it on the internet through online shopping. 

For example, you could type in the best barbells for weight lifting in search engines, and you will be presented with options. Don’t forget to add in the specific weight.

While you can probably work with alternatives for weightlifting, it is better to exercise using the actual workout equipment as these tools are specifically made for working out. Additionally, using alternatives may yield a different experience than using the right equipment.

Have a Consistent Workout Schedule

It’s no surprise that workouts have to be done regularly at a consistent pace to get the results you want. It would be best if you had a proper schedule for your workouts. The schedule may vary on factors such as the number of sets you need to exercise and available time.

The typical recommendation for this is the body-part split routine, where you’d do different sets per day of the week. So, for example, if you do three sets, you can do one set per day, amounting to working out three days a week. 

However, you can do all sets on the same day and have it once a week, if you can. There is a downside, though, and that is feeling more fatigue. But whichever routine you choose, you will get the same results as long as they are continuously done. Just ensure that you can have ample time to rest in between your workouts, as well as in between your other daily activities.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While you can get great results from working out alone, it would be best to adapt to a healthier way of living. For example, to help with weightlifting exercises, you need to see that your body is always healthy. In addition, you need to have a healthier diet, keep hydrated, and you could also take supplements if needed. 

To Sum It Up

Weightlifting and workout exercises, in general, require a lot of discipline and commitment. As a beginner, it is best to consult a trainer to guide you through it. And remember that while working out, don’t overdo it and rest when you need to.