A Slip and Fall Accident Should Be Analyzed by an Attorney

By  //  December 23, 2021

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What is the best way to proceed after you are injured in a slip and fall accident? Will the owner of the property step forward and cover your medical costs? How can you prove the fall was not due to your actions? How can you get a reluctant property owner to cover your medical costs?

When you are injured and in the hospital, it is hard to represent your interests against the property owner or employer who should take responsibility for your injury. It might be wise to contact a law firm for assistance while you heal.

Whose Fault Was Your Slip and Fall Accident?

The most important consideration when a person is considering a lawsuit over a slip and fall accident is who is legally at fault. When a person slips and falls on the job or at a business, there are rules and legal considerations that determine who is legally responsible.

Though victims may assume employers or property owners have liability insurance that will take care of them, the insurance companies might not be willing to cooperate.

If the injury is serious and the medical bills are substantial, the property owner’s insurance company might want to avoid the expense of a settlement by trying to shift the blame to the injured party. They might also offer the injured party a very low settlement that does not fully cover the expenses. How can the injured person fight these people and get a fair settlement? The lawyers at the Nicoletti Law Firm can help the victim of a slip and fall accident determine the merits of their case and recommend the best way to proceed.

A law firm with years of experience in representing slip and fall accident victims has the experience and knowledge to determine if a case has merit and can counter insurance company efforts that avoid providing accident victims with fair compensation.

Advantages of Having Your Slip and Fall Case Be Analyzed by an Attorney  

If a person has suffered a slip and fall injury, they are not alone. These slip and fall accidents cause at least eight million visits to hospital emergency rooms every year. Slips and falls cause fractures, head injuries, and other debilitating injuries that result in lost workdays and significant medical expenses.

These injuries account for a lot of workers’ compensation cases and lawsuits seeking financial compensation for the injured parties.

Slip and fall accident victims often have trouble getting adequate compensation for their injuries. An attorney has the knowledge and experience to correctly analyze the situation and advise the injured party in how to proceed with their case. They know all the slip and fall injury laws and rules governing liability and victim compensation.

A lawyer can, first of all, gather all the facts from the victim and other sources and tell the victim if they have a case for a lawsuit. Then, the attorney can determine what the possible amount of financial compensation might be.

The injured party and the lawyer can discuss whether there is a case worth pursuing in court or whether the settlement offered by the property owner’s insurance company is a fair one. From experience, a lawyer can estimate how much more an insurance company might offer during negotiations. It is possible that having a lawyer represent a victim will increase the financial compensation received.