What are the Benefits of Custom Software Development?

By  //  December 11, 2021

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These days business companies of all sizes and specializations look for ways of boosting their workflow efficacy by automating daily processes and operations with software business apps.

The type of software solution being implemented depends on the needs and requirements of the company, meaning what problems the workers struggle with on a daily basis and how software can resolve all these issues.

Generally, the software can be divided into 2 large groups – market-available solutions and custom software development. 

Ready-made apps are in demand as all solution vendors are responsible for solutions’ operability and maintenance. However, it is vital to comprehend that your company is just one user from thousands, and customer support cannot entail quick reactions to your problems because of a huge number of requests from other users as well. 

Moreover, not all solutions available on market are scalable and upgraded to the latest innovations in the industry meaning your ready-made app can become outdated and inefficient very quickly as the software market trends are changing rapidly. 

The list of disadvantages that you may get acquainted with using the market-available solution can go on and on. 

So we have gathered the main benefits of custom software development over the ready-made to prove that custom software is not complex and expensive if you choose the right technology provider to build your app from scratch.

Unique product

Custom software development implies building a completely unique product on the market as it takes into account your particular requirements. Of course, your app may have direct and indirect competitors on the market but if it is the system for internal use ( not a SaaS product for other users) it doesn’t matter as its main purpose is to work for your needs and goals.

Along with the functionality built to your requirements, custom solutions provide innovative and user-friendly design, considering your brand identity like colors, logos, etc. Solution design is no less important development stage than coding as it defines whether your solution will operate smoothly for all company branches or not. 


Custom software development may seem too expensive and require plenty of investment. But let’s take a closer look at the cost of the app available on the market in your industry. Based on the GBKSOFT vast experience, businesses usually spend approximately $10000 for the ready-made app for managing internal processes, and the more workers they have, the more money they are forced to pay to provide the app advanced functionality for all company`s departments. 

What about custom development, it is one of the greatest ways you can invest your money or money of your funders to get a unique and highly functional solution whose task is not only to adopt innovations and automate the internal process but also resolve the issues that can be overcome with the ready-made apps. 

High security

A high level of security is a must for businesses to prevent company and custom sensitive data from frauds and leakages. Custom software implies using techniques that provide a high level of safety and protection for private data. If you choose the ready-made apps, you cannot be sure of their security as you do not know what measures are taken to protect your secure information and there are no guarantees in the honesty of your vendor. Developing custom software also requires following the official regulation and compliances related to data security, GDPR is one of the common regulations that the development team should consider. 

Technical support

Any type of software system requires regular reviews and upgrading due to the feedback from users and trends being introduced in the industry. As we have already mentioned above, choosing the public software, it is more likely that if any bugs will occur, you will have to wait for a while for a vendor to fix them. Talking about functionality extension, well, if only your company requires it, the vendor will likely not do anything to resolve your issues or needs.

 Custom software development entails continuous support after the product release in order to maintain your solution operating and innovation. Maintenance services are commonly included in the services of the software partner you choose, so make sure that your potential software provider has this option. 


Integrating the ready-made business application is designed for the current number of employees within your company. If you scale the team, then you need to scale the number of users within your internal software system but it requires an additional fee and the functionality of this solution may not manage the higher loads. 

The custom business solution provides for the scalability and growth of your team and daily operations. You won’t need to perform any additional mind games to easily add new workers, departments, or processes.

Choosing a right technical partner

The variety of software companies that offer end-to-end custom software development for your needs is really huge. When choosing a reliable software partner, it is important to figure out if the development team fully comprehends your problems and shares the objectives you have to your custom app. 

The main criteria to consider when choosing a provider of software development service are the following:

 Relevant technical expertise and awareness of the latest industry trends

Proven experience in your industry or specialization

High employee retention rate to avoid replacements of the developers during the development process

Positive reviews of previous clients

GBKSOFT with proven experience in custom software development of 10+ years concentrates on delivering high-quality software solutions of different types, project scope, and complexity. We conduct a discovery stage that implies analyzing your business process in order to define the core requirements and functionality needed for your business app. 

Get familiar with the successfully delivered software projects by the GBKSOFT development team by the following link. We are capable of providing full-cycle custom development with excellent project management, transparent process and documentation, and availability of continuous support after the release.