4 Best Face Wash for Women as per Skin Type, Ingredients

By  //  January 16, 2022

When it comes to skincare, finding a compatible skin care product is not always the easiest task. It requires a lot of research and a comparison of the products available (especially online). Then there are the criteria of choosing a product as per your skin type and related issues.

If you are looking for the best face wash for women, this article would take you through steps that you would use to make your task a little easier.

Does that mean that you will not be able to find the right product for your skin? No, you do not need to worry because we are here to help you out. We have taken the initiative and interacted with skincare experts to find out which face wash for women you should pick during your next purchase. Here is what they suggested to us: 

Get The Base Sorted:

There are many factors that you need to consider before you buy any specific type of face wash, like the charcoal face wash. According to skincare experts, not every company that sells a face wash for women may be trusted. We thus recommend that you choose a daily-use skincare product as per the following criteria:

 Ingredients that Make Up the Formula: The first thing you need to check in the product description before buying a face wash for women is the list of ingredients. You should always use a product that is boosted with the goodness of nature and does not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins.
If a product contains chemically strong ingredients, it may offer you some quick benefits, but they may not stay there for long. They could even make your skin prone to drying, tan, or other related issues. As a tip, you should avoid products that feature harmful chemicals, toxins, added colors, and artificial fragrances.

■ Safety Factor of the Brand: When you buy a skincare product, you would always be concerned about its safety. We thus advise you to buy a face wash for women that has been clinically tested by dermatologists. If the product is certified from a recognized body and comes with a safety certificate like the MadeSafe Certification, it will be a cherry on the top! 

Keeping this in mind, we have understood that Mamaearth is a suitable brand in terms of safety and quality. The natural formula of its face wash range is good for regular usage, and it offers better results for men and women alike. 

We are further refining our list to include other skincare products range of Mamaearth that you could try as per your skin type. 

Product 1: Charcoal Face Wash

Suitable For: Oily Skin

The charcoal face wash is one of the most trending face washes for women. This skincare product draws its power from activated charcoal. If you are wondering what activated charcoal is, then let us give you a slight brief. It is a black powdery residue obtained when regular charcoal is exposed to extremely high heat. 

There are pores left in the activated charcoal, and these pores are excellent in drawing out dirt, grease, and other pollutants from the surface of the skin, and this makes the skin oil-free and radiant. Enriched with coffee, clay, and tea tree oil, the activated charcoal face wash for women also works as an exfoliant that gently detoxes the skin. Using it twice a day would help you have soft, clear, and radiant skin.

Product 2: Vitamin C Face Wash

Suitable For: Dull Skin

Another great face wash for women that you can try if you have dull skin is the Vitamin C Face Wash. This face wash is boosted by the goodness of nature carried by Vitamin C, turmeric, cucumber, and aloe vera extract. 

The antioxidants present in the formula reverse the damage caused due to free radicals. They also clean out the impurities from the skin cells, thus making your skin moisturized and nourished. With skin cells getting regenerated, you get a more radiant appearance. 

Product 3: Retinol Face Wash

Suitable For: Ageing Skin

There are times when the skin starts to feel less toned, and early signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes turn into a major concern. For such problems, the skin must make use of a face wash that has anti-aging properties. 

This is where the Retinol Face Wash comes into the picture. Powered by retinol, Bakuchi oil, and oat amino extract, it slows down several signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, loosening of the skin, and dark spots. Its non-sticky formula also reduces blemishes and dark patches to make your skin more radiant and more even-toned.

Product 4: Tea Tree Face Wash

Suitable For: Pimples and Acne-Prone Skin

People who have acne and pimples understand the pain of struggling to get clear and flawless skin. For them, the biggest challenge is to get rid of the excess oil on the surface of the skin. At the same time, the search continues for a formula that can prevent acne-causing bacteria from thriving on the skin. 

Therefore, the skincare experts created Tea Tree Face Wash. Equipped with the goodness of tea tree oil, this face wash removes excess oil from the face but also makes sure that essential oils are put together, and that a moisture barrier is set up. This skincare product also checks the growth of acne-causing bacteria and reduces swellings from pimples. In short, the face wash works towards the purification of skin and makes a face fresh and glowing. 

Summing up

Now that we are nearing the end of our article, we want you to find out what your skin type is if you have not done so already. Once you know your skin type, choose a suitable face wash for women, and include it in your skincare routine. 

Make sure you are cleansing your face with the face was at least twice a day; that is to say, once as soon as you wake up and once before you go to bed. And, to further improve the condition of your skin, you should use pair it with a suitable moisturizer for your skin type. 

It is time to gear up and get ready to flaunt your naturally renewed and flawless skin!