What Does Louisiana Sports Betting Mean For Florida Sports Fans?

By  //  February 1, 2022

Louisiana sports betting won’t just affect residents of the Pelican State. With both retail gambling and now mobile betting live in Louisiana, even those who live outside the state can take advantage of special opportunities like Louisiana sports betting promos while there. It’s an exciting time for bettors across the country, especially in Florida.

Florida sports fans are some of the most passionate around, and it’s safe to say they’ll be among the most impacted by Louisiana’s launch. Here’s what Louisiana sports betting means for Florida sports fans:

A potential push for Florida sports betting

Any time a state successfully launches sports betting, it can serve as a push forward for others to do the same. Louisiana’s accomplishments could certainly be a big push.

Mobile betting has launched in the state, and Louisiana also currently boasts in-person gambling, which has been wildly successful. State sportsbooks took in over 67 million wagers and made close to $10.1 million in November and December, The Lafayette Daily Advertiser reported, and it’s not hard to imagine mobile betting being just as successful.

And Florida may just need that push, as mobile sports betting in the state is currently suspended. A federal court determined a compact between Florida and the Seminole Tribe violated federal law, and after a push by Florida Education Champions failed to gain enough signatures, there won’t be a voter referendum on in-state sports betting this fall.

Once the question is brought up again, though, Louisiana’s efforts to institute sports betting may have an impact on the final decision and thus Florida’s future in the scene.

More SEC gambling opportunities

The Southeastern Conference is already full of excitement and intensity, and with Louisiana sports betting in play, things will become even more thrilling across multiple states, even with betting not available in Florida.

One of the state’s most popular sports brands, the University of Florida, competes in the SEC, one of college athletics’ most notable conferences. So too does Louisiana State University, which holds similar standing in Louisiana.

All those factors create the perfect situation for local sports bettors. Since Florida and LSU often match up in multiple sports, fans who both engage in sports betting and root for the Gators will have more action on their team’s biggest SEC games.

There’s not much that can excite Florida fans more than a premier SEC matchup, but having a chance to win some money while watching the Gators battle a top rival may just do the trick.

More action for football rivalry

One sport that fans in both Florida and Louisiana follow fervently, and also is a sports betting machine, is college football. That’s where some of those top SEC contests come in.

The next time Florida and LSU, two longtime rivals, square off in Louisiana for a high-stakes football bout, Gators fans will be able to wager while in the Pelican State for the game, ensuring they’ll have the chance to not only watch entertaining football, but also make money, too.

And there is always plenty to bet on when these two teams meet, whether it’s the point spread, over-under or prop bets. LSU topped No. 20-ranked Florida, 49-42, last season in a crazy game.

The two football rivals can be counted on for thrilling, intense matchups, and with mobile betting now a factor in Louisiana, Florida sports fans taking in a game at Tiger Stadium should have all the excitement they can handle.

Top companies at their disposal

If everything else isn’t enough of a draw for Florida sports fans to get excited about betting in Louisiana, the list of companies flocking to the Pelican State should do it.

Major gambling brands like BetMGM, DraftKings, Caesars, FanDuel and BetRivers have either already launched or plan to launch in Louisiana. That should be a major draw for Florida sports fans looking to bet in other states, as these companies are some of the top in the industry.

BetMGM, in particular, predicts tons of success in 2022. The gaming giant raised its revenue forecast for the year from $1 billion to more than $1.3 billion and expects a positive core profit in 2023, Reuters reported.

It’s important for bettors to not just have opportunities to bet; they need the right opportunities at their disposal in order to wager smartly and have the best shot at making money. The companies setting up shop in Louisiana are some of the most established in the scene and have widespread reach, so bettors can be confident they’re getting the best platforms to craft their bet slips.