Documents Checklist for a Carer Visa Australia

By  //  March 29, 2022

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Providing care to your loved ones is the best thing one can do. You become a part of someone’s daily life. You support and care for a person who’s in a medical condition. Australia has a Carer Visa designed for this purpose. If you know someone who doesn’t have access to care options in Australia, you must apply for a Carer Visa Australia.

Carers provide care and support to a person with social and physical activities. Being a carer, you take care of someone with a disability, mental illness, or dementia. You can apply for a Carer Visa to make it all possible. A person who needs care in Australia can sponsor you for a Carer Visa.

The Department of Home Affairs may grant you this visa if you meet its requirements. You must submit the required documents with your Carer visa application. So, if you want to know the documents to attach with your application, keep reading.

This guide will discuss Carer Visa, its eligibility criteria, and the document checklist.

What is Carer Visa Australia? 

A Carer Visa is for people who want to provide care to someone who’s in a long-term medical condition. It’s a permanent visa. You can stay in Australia permanently with a Carer Visa. If you know someone with no reasonable access to medical resources in Australia, you can be a carer for them.

The cost of a Carer Visa Australia is AUD 3,890. It’s an offshore visa. Therefore, you must be outside Australia while applying for a Carer Visa 116. You can get a visa 116 if your sponsor is genuinely in need of your care and assistance. You can also work and study in Australia with a visa 116.

The biggest advantage of a Carer Visa is that you get PR in Australia. As it’s a permanent visa. So, you become an Australian permanent resident on the date you get this visa. You’ll also be able to travel from and to Australia for five years after getting a Visa 116. Consider the safety tips for business travelers during Covid-19.

Eligibility Criteria for Carer Visa Australia

The Department of Home Affairs has set specific requirements for Carer visa applicants. You must abide by the rules to get this visa successfully.

So, if you want to be eligible for a Carer Visa 116, you must:

 Provide care and support to a relative or their family members who live with them and have no access to care options in Australia.

For your first 2 years in Australia, you must be sponsored by your relative or their partner.

Be outside Australia when you apply for a Carer Visa and until Home Affairs decides your application.

Have an eligible sponsor who must be approved by the Department of Home Affairs

Meet the health and character requirements.

Have repaid all debts owed to the Australian government. 

Sign the Australian Values Statement for confirmation that you’ll respect Australian way of living.

Document Checklist for Carer Visa 116 

If you’re planning to apply for a Carer Visa Australia, you must provide the required documents. The Department of Home Affairs prioritizes applications with complete documents. It’ll refuse your visa if you miss any documents. Or else your visa application will take longer to process.

It’s important that you check your documents before submitting your visa 116 application. The documents for a Carer Visa include your:

National Identity Card

Proof of change of name. Documents that prove your change of name include marriage or divorce certificates. You may get these certificates from an Australian Registry of Births, Deaths, Marriages, or relevant overseas authority.

Bupa provides medical certificate. You’ve to get this certificate. It includes a statement that your family member or relative is in a medical condition in Australia and needs care.

Police certificates only if the Department of Home Affairs asks you to provide them.

4 recent photos in passport size. The photos you submit must be no older than 6 months. They must be of good quality. The background of your pictures must be plain and light-colored. Further, you can show only your face if you cover your head for religious reasons.

You can send as much information as possible to support your visa application. Your identity documents must be attached to your application. As If you don’t prove your identity, Home Affairs will refuse your visa application. It’ll not grant you another visa in Australia for 10 years. Moreover, your family members will not be able to get a visa for 10 years.

Preparing the Documents for Carer Visa

Prepare all the documents once you’ve collected them. All of your non-English documents must be translated into English language. Do not certify your police certificates. You must send the originals to Home Affairs. Most importantly, you must keep a copy of your application when it’s completed.

Benefits of Having Carer Visa 116

If you obtain a Carer Visa 116 successfully, you’ll be able to:

Stay in Australia permanently 

Work in Australia

Study in Australia

Enroll in Medicare to get the medical and public healthcare services in Australia.

Become a sponsor for your eligible relatives to visit Australia

Travel from and to Australia for the initial 5 years from the date you’re granted a Carer Visa Australia

Lodge an application for Australian Citizenship if you’re eligible for it.


If you want to help a relative who needs care in Australia, then Carer Visa 116 is the best option. Your relative can sponsor you to apply for a Carer Visa Australia. You can provide emotional, physical, and social support to your loved one. 

Not only this, you can become a permanent resident of Australia with a visa 116. So, if you want to apply for a Carer Visa, you can contact The Migration Agency in Australia.