E-Bikes Efficiency: The Road to Sustainable Commute System in Europe

By  //  March 11, 2022

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The use of electric bikes is changing the commute system of most cities. The climatic and environmental effect of an e-bike is highly commendable. E-bike adoption in society motivates electric bike manufacturers to produce better or improved models. 

In past years, traditional means of transportation were barely sustainable. Not only are they slow, but they also cause the greenhouse effect through the emission of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, Europe is a highly populated continent that is often congested. It is only reasonable for standard brands like Haidong Ebike to create an innovative commute system.

The Increasing Number of Europeans Switching to E-bikes

European countries are places with intense love and culture for bikes. Hence, it is not surprising that people are advancing in their commute system. Fortunately, many Europeans have realized the importance of contributing positively to the green environment through their daily commute system.

Agencies and governments are giving out incentives that will encourage electric bikes. One of these incentives is subsidizing the price of e-bikes and allowing people to rent. However, the study shows that people are not changing their commute system to support the green environment. More people get interested in their body fitness by the day and are ready to go any length to achieve the desired body. Even though people’s desires to keep fit include using an electric bike, it does not lose interest.

How Electric Bikes are the Sustainable Transport Solutions

There are many reasons why electric bikes are considered a sustainable transport system. The primary sustainability feature of electric bikes is that they do not use fossil fuel, coupled with other benefits. The ability to operate without causing harm to the environment makes e-bikes sustainable. Since global warming is a big challenge for scientists, an e-bike is a solution we should be thankful for. As the world increases its population, fossil fuel will gradually become insufficient. Meanwhile, its use will release CO2 into the atmosphere, which destroys the life of plants and animals.

It is much easier to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment using electric bikes. More so, electric bikes are readily available in most stores. People can either order online or visit the nearest local store. Interestingly, there is now a foldable e-bike that makes commuting easier. You can fold and carry it around with you. This is an investment in your travel journey because it makes it more pleasurable. It is also a sustainable option for cyclists because they can entertain themselves while riding simultaneously.

Another reason is the ease of maintenance. Due to the portable size, users would worry less about moving their files from one place to another. You can easily ride with your loved ones, as long as you have your batteries charged. Although terrains are one of the significant challenges of using e-bikes, riders can overcome them with electric assistance. The electric assistance gives riders more stamina without slipping off the bike on rough terrains.

Healthwise, the elderly need a sustainable commute system than the younger ones. This is why Haidong Ebike builds several electric bikes for different age groups. For instance, the elderly can receive support from an electric bike with a firm grip. Also, the speeds are not as high as the regular speeds, and riders can quickly control them. Hence, people can carry out their workout exercises without exerting much energy.

The Barriers Experienced In European Countries so Far

Despite that the Europeans have acknowledged the sustainability of the commute system through e-bikes, they have faced significant barriers. One of the top barriers is the high cost of electric bikes. As mentioned above, governments and agencies provide incentives, but it never seems to be enough. The large population needs more assurance than cutting off some percentage of electric bike prices. Hence, electric bike manufacturers are encouraged to keep implementing innovations that require lesser resources. With this, electric bikes are more affordable to quite many people. Also, local centres can include more renting services in their wholesale package. People who cannot afford an e-bike can still commute by renting.

Another challenge is the bad weather in Europe. Some electric bikes that are not compatible with every terrain will have difficulty riding rough slopes. During winter, it will be more challenging to go uphill, this makes commuting more challenging. Nevertheless, other means of transportation face similar situations with bad weather. Hence, this does not make electric miles less sustainable than them.


It is high time people let go of the comfort of their car and embrace a more sustainable committing system. Carbon emission poses a danger to Europe and other parts of the earth. Many investments have gone into transportation infrastructures, and it is expedient for every man to take a role in it. Contrary to untrue opinions, electric bikes are suitable for every person. Manufacturers do not design them for a particular set of people or age group.