Need for Anonymous Hosting

By  //  March 15, 2022

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Our freedom depends on our ability to maintain our privacy and anonymity. Privacy and anonymity are fundamental human rights, vital for our individual liberty and sovereignty. It applies equally to the digital world as to the real world. Hover to remain anonymous seems to be a more significant challenge, especially in a digital world. 

When we talk about data security and privacy, the first thing to consider is “Where and how we host our data?”

Have your data been hosted safely and securely? Are your client’s sensitive information sufficiently protected, or may it leak in some way? Is your hosting service confidential enough, or is it possible for someone to expose your hosting details? This article tends to provide answers to all these questions. 

Anonymous Hosting

One of the most anonymous and highly secure hosting options available right now is anonymous hosting.

Typical features of anonymous hosting are:

1. Simple sign up that won’t require personally identifiable information

2. Untraceable cryptocurrency payments

3. The onion domain accessible only by Tor

4. Offshore hosting jurisdiction

Anonymous Sign Up

Many hosting services claim to be secure and safe, but do they guarantee a certain level of anonymity too? If you are asked to provide all sorts of personal information when signing up, they can hardly be anonymous. 

Only hosting services like that allow users to sign up without providing any personal details or credit card numbers are truly anonymous hosting solutions. 

With, you may sign up for an anonymous server using any pseudonym by a temporary or disposable email address. All you need is an email address that’s not under your real name. Since this sign-up doesn’t ask for any identity-proofing documents, no one will be able to trace you back to your hosted content. 

Anonymous Hosting and Crypto 

Many services, including anonymous hosting services, now accept crypto payments. Cryptocurrency is a fantastic payment alternative that allows users to make payments anonymously. Crypto payments are unknown, yet they are transparent, recorded, and publicly available blockchain. Therefore they can’t be forged. 

To pay and receive crypto, you simply need a digital wallet, but you don’t need to provide any personal information for setup. Crypto wallets work in the same way as a bank account does. Based on wallet id, funds are transferred from one wallet to another. Crypto payments are incredibly efficient due to their fast processing and minimal transaction fees.

Bitcoin, followed by Ethereum, is one of the most popular crypto coins. Bitcoin price is volatile and may fluctuate based on market supply and demand. The cost of mining also has an impact on the BTC price. Even if Bitcoin has been around for more than a decade, it is relatively new and still growing.

Other than Bitcoin, anonymous hosting companies accept various cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Elrod EGold, Tether, USD Coin, or Dash. Each coin has its pros and cons. Ethereum transactions are much faster than Bitcoin, Tether and USD Coins are stablecoins (backed by USD), and DASH is the most private cryptocurrency. 

The level of anonymity provided by cryptocurrency makes it the best payment gateway for anonymous hosting services.

Anonymous Hosting and Tor project

If you want to be completely anonymous, look for an anonymous hosting provider with an onion domain, like The onion domain is a top-level domain that you can access only through the Tor browser. Tor browser encrypts your data and routes them via a network of random nodes. It’s impossible to monitor your connection because the traffic is routed across a worldwide network of thousands of volunteer computers. You can simply download, install, and run the TorBrowser from the Tor Project’s website.

Offshore hosting benefits

The term ‘offshore’ refers to a hosting provider with servers located outside of your home country.  Among the many advantages, such as foreign tax laws, offshore hosting is gaining popularity due to its different offshore jurisdictions. There are always certain limitations on what you may post on the internet. These rules are stricter in the United States than in other countries. Legal laws might result in DMCA take-down notices, legal proceedings, and even large fines. Many anonymous hosting services claim to be DMCA resistant. 

The Bottom Line

True anonymity on the internet is still possible. Apart from taking easy actions like updating your operating system, browser, or passwords, anonymous hosting is the best approach to host your content anonymously. Since an anonymous hosting service doesn’t require any personally identifying information, users’ identities can’t be linked to their hosted content. Anonymous hosting provides a fully anonymous hosting solution because of its quick and anonymous setup, crypto payments, easy scaling, and high security. If you’re looking for a safe and anonymous hosting service, renting an anonymous server from is your best choice.