The Top Sports to Watch in California

By  //  March 18, 2022

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If you live in California or you’re on vacation here, you probably know that sports are very popular here. There are approximately 19 professional sports franchises in California, and this is more than any other US state. This means that if you’re a sports fan, there will be plenty of games for you to watch.

The top sports to watch in California are:


Football is one of the most popular sports in this part of the world. There are four NFL teams in California and they usually play between August and January. This is a sport that is watched by most people all over the state, and it’s easy to see why. Football is an incredibly exciting game where the action can change at any given moment. 

Bets are placed on all football games and they can make the games even more exciting. Grand Rush Casino and other casinos often encourage bets. Football can be both lucrative and exciting for many people in California. 


Incredibly, there are five Major League Baseball teams in California, two of which are located in the San Francisco Bay area. Los Angeles has two baseball teams and the remaining team is located in Oakland. 

Baseball games can be an excellent event to attend, and the level of competition is always high. Games seem to be quite fast and furious and nothing short of enticing. Expect to have a great time if you’re lucky enough to watch a game being played. 


The basketball preseason begins in October, by which time all four National Basketball Association teams are raring to go. Running through until the middle of April, the regular season is followed by the playoffs that come to an end in June. Basketball has to be one of the quickest sports around. The game can change at any given moment, and each game is a must-watch. 

Basketball games are events that you must watch in person at least once in your life. There is much excitement surrounding each game and the build-up to the game in question is very pleasing. 


Not everyone is aware that there are two Major League Soccer teams in California. With the season starting in March and ending in October, lovers of this sport will never tire. This is a season that runs for a long time. Once the season is over, the playoffs begin in October and end in December.

In addition to this, special tournaments take place through-out the year. If you’re a soccer fan and you live in California, it’s safe to say there will be plenty to keep you busy all year. 

There are plenty of sports events taking place in California all year. However, the above four sports are some of the best ones to watch. If you’re a lover of one or all of the sports, you should consider buying a ticket or two to at least one game. Watching a game play out in front of you is a real pleasure as the whole event from start to finish can be very entertaining.