Men’s Gold Chains: Does Size Matter?

By  //  April 15, 2022

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If you have been keen on the fashion industry, you may have noticed men wearing fancy chains in different styles. These are great fashion abettors and will complete your look and showcase your taste. Men’s gold chains are pretty common and are worthy purchases. 

Men’s gold chains come in varying colors and sizes, and understanding what to pick avoids many blunders. Besides, you don’t want to buy an expensive chain and ruin your look. What of the size? This is a critical consideration when shopping, and you should pick the right size for your outfit and facial structure.  

Which is the right size for me?

 Gold chains are eye-catching and show unique craftsmanship. Different pieces suit every taste, but the endless options make the selection process daunting. Size matters a lot and will determine your overall look. You’ll get men’s gold chains in various sizes and lengths, and a little information might help in the selection.

 The length

 Chains come in varying lengths, and your choice might limit your dress options. It will also define your look, and you should choose the most appropriate length. Therefore, take measurements of your neck and where you want the chain to lay. Use a cloth measuring tape to do this and measure it to determine the desired length. By so doing, you’ll have an easy time choosing your favourite gold chin from the vast collection on

 The length will impact your style and outfit, and the standard size ranges from 1 to 30 inches. The 16-18 inch chain is the shortest and will create a chocker effect since it falls at your neck’s base. This is a favorite choice for anyone who wants to reveal the entire chain, but it’s a bit uncomfortable.

The 20-inch chain is the standard length for men and falls between your shirt’s first button and the collarbone.  Other chain lengths are 22 and 24 inches. You can wear the 22-inch chain with a pendant cross or a dog tag. It falls some inches below the collarbone and is ideal for anyone wishing to wear it outside their shirts. 

Similarly, the 24-inch chain is worn outside the shirt. It falls between the middle of your sternum or some inches above your sternum. It’s an ideal length for pendants, dog tags and crosses.

■ Size

The size of your neck will determine the size of chain to acquire. This is similar to your collar size, but some circumstances can make you buy a shorter or longer piece.

The most suitable fit for men is 20 inches: it’s mostly the collarbone length.

– The length may differ if the chain features a medallion, tag or cross. In this case, you should     choose a longer chain. 

– The longest chain for men shouldn’t exceed 30 inches.

– Your body size also matters and will determine the size and length of your chain.

Other vital considerations to make include;

■ The width

 The chain width will make you feel comfortable. If you’re slim, choose a slim piece between 1-2 inches wide. But, if you’re bigger or have a thicker neck, choose a proportional chain which should be more expensive. You’ll get chains in varying widths, which may range from 1 mm to 8 mm. However, the 2mm-6 mm width is standard, and you’ll get many chains in this size.

In summary 

Men’s chains fall in the hard-to-wear category, and you can easily make blunders when determining the size and length. Therefore, understanding how to do this right goes a long way. If you are shopping for gold chains and are unsure what size to go for, consider the above-mentioned ideas to choose the right chain size and length.