How to Layout Your Air Force Ribbons

By  //  May 28, 2022

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Such is the case with all of the different branches of the United States military; the Air Force utilizes medals and ribbons in order to recognize the airmen and women who have performed their acts of duty bravely, both in combat and non-combat situations, as well as those who have unfortunately been wounded or lost their lives in battle.

When it comes to these distinctive symbols of service, those of the Air Force have their own counterparts in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. 

US Air Force ribbons may be worn four-in-a-row with the left edge of the ribbons aligned with the left edge of the pocket in order to prevent the lapel of the shirt from covering up the ribbons. 

There is no space left open between the rows of ribbons. The most current regulations stipulate that members may choose which ribbons to wear if any at all. 

But when it comes to displaying Air Force Ribbons, that is a whole different story. Here is how you should lay your air force ribbons out properly with distinction. 

Ribbon Racks

If you are still an active member of the US Air Force, in the National Guard, or reserve status, there will come a moment in your service when you will need to be wearing your Class A uniform and your ribbon rack, which seems to be the more popular way to display these military symbols.

In fact, there is a plentiful amount of occasions for service personnel to wear freshly updated ribbon racks that include: Class A inspections, special military events, as well as military school graduations.

When it comes to how you should display military medals on your ribbon racks, this process is guided mostly by uniform regulations of each individual service you are a part of when you are wearing ribbon racks.

Now, if you are putting together a ribbon rack on behalf of a veteran, be sure to remember that how to display military medals on a ribbon rack or in civilian attire is guided by the uniform regulations of each branch that that military member is a part of. 

Just because they may happen to be veterans, that status does not automatically give that military veteran the authorization to automatically start wearing military medals incorrectly.

The bottom line is that there are multiple ways to display military medals. But using this guide on how to layout your Air Force ribbons, you will have several options as to how to arrange them as something to treasure. 

Ribbons Rack Sticker

Having a sticky rack is an ideal way to showcase your military pride. Ribbon rack stickers can be designed online and then delivered right to your home so that you can attach them to a garage wall, an automobile, a special toolbox, or a laptop even. 

Who can blame these members of the military for seeking some extra attention by placing ribbon rack stickers on their vehicles when many times, many of their sacrifices and duties can go unnoticed and underappreciated when they return back home after active duty.  

Some Vietnam veterans and other Cold War-era veterans might be inclined to make their military service efforts more known to the general public because they typically weren’t as recognized as more modern veterans are these days. 

When it comes to whether to display ribbons and medals or not, at the end of the day, it truly comes down to a personal choice. 

Shadow Box

Whether you are laying out Air Force ribbons and medals for yourself or for a loved one, a shadow box is a great way to answer the question of how to display military medals? 

If you need assistance assembling a shadow box, you can find a shadow box builder to be able to store and display military keepsakes.

If you find yourself assembling your own military shadow box, make sure that it captures the essence of your military service. 

Inside the shadow box, you are able to put what you want inside it, such as ribbons, medals, badges, patches, medals, and mementos like c-ration can openers. 

When you are building your own shadow box to display military medals, it becomes less particular how you choose to store your own military items.

If assembling a shadow box for a family member or a close friend, make sure that you go the extra step and get the proper documentation from the military branch’s human resources office to enable you to purchase medals from military uniform outlets or request military awards from the federal government. 

You can request awards as the military member’s next of kin at no additional charge.

Bit if this shadow box is going to be a gift for a special occasion such as Christmas or a birthday, keep in mind that requests for awards can sometimes take months, if not years, even just to fulfill.

With that said, sometimes, purchasing the medals is the best thing that you can do.