5 Brilliant Ways To Utilize Roses & Its Petals

By  //  June 16, 2022

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Roses are one amazing, enduring symbol of romance that grace so many lives even today with their eternal beauty and beauty. But these timeless roses are more than just beautiful blooms and are a very resourceful element for humans. No, we are not talking about them in the form of a bouquet, gift box or decor item but other uses.

How about we tell you some amazing, resourceful ways to utilize your roses? Yes, you might have received a big rose bouquet, but what would you do with a bouquet? It cannot last forever. Thus we are here with some brilliant ways through which you can utilize the rose with the help of their petals for so many things. Let’s discuss in detail the different ways to use rose petals. 

Here’s How You Can Utilize Those Rose Petals: 

Make Your Homemade Floral Rosewater

We know it’s very easy to buy a pack of rosewater from the store. But if you have roses at your home that will just get wasted if not used, then why not make your own DIY rosewater. Rosewater is very easy to make and does not feature any complicated steps. You might not know, but rosewater acts as a classic cosmetic treatment and helps your skin stay soft and smooth. All you need to do is put some rose petals in filter water for some time, and your homemade rosewater will be all ready to use. 

Curate Homemade Potpourri 

You can put your pretty rose petals to a second use once they fade down. One ideal way to utilize them is by allowing them to fill your home with their amazing and delicate lilac rose fragrance. In fact, you can make your own potpourri by blending all dry rose petals with some natural and complementary scents.

Those scents can be dried ginger, cinnamon sticks or whole vanilla beans. You can mix up all these ingredients and then put them in the potpourri to place them anywhere. A few ideal places you can place them include linen closets, bathrooms and sock drawers. Let the homemade rose scents soothe you down. 

Use it As a Natural Skin Cleanser

We also mentioned earlier that rose is an amazing natural beauty-enhancing ingredient. It is a rich antioxidant that leaves your skin smooth and refreshing like never before. So, if you use rose petals as a natural cleanser, you can woo away many of your skin concerns like free radical damage and excess oil production. To make a homemade skin cleanser, you have to mix the rose petals with enough water to make a paste and add honey to it. Then, let it sit on your face for a few minutes before washing it off. Then, use it every day as a face cleanser and see the glow of your skin yourself. 

Make a Rose Infused Oil

Your amazing and timeless roses can be utilized as a very useful rose-infused oil. It is a stellar ingredient for so many wellness products like lotions, handmade soaps and more. The best part about this homemade product is that this infused oil will last up to a year. To make this oil all by yourself, you need dried rose petals and carrier oil of your choice. Just fill a glass jar halfway with dried rose petals and cover it with a carrier oil, olive oil or almond oil. Let the jar sit for around a month in a dark place, and once done. Then, your oil is ready to use. 

Use it In the form of Luxury Bath Salts

You will be aware of the fact that roses are already a symbol of luxury. This is also the reason why it is considered an ideal gift for different occasions. So to make sense of their luxury meaning, nothing is better than indulging them in our bathing experience. You can make your bathwater smell the most magical and sweetest by making rose petal bath salts.

It would be best if you mixed Epsom salt with dried and crushed rose petals to make it. If you love more scent, you can even add the homemade rose-infused oil to it. To use this, pour a small amount of bath salt into a cotton bag and let it infuse into your bathwater. 


After reading this blog, you might have got to know about different ways you can put your gifted roses to good use. But don’t limit yourself to the uses mentioned earlier of rose and try more things. There are so many to enjoy rose and its petals but remember not to delay their usage to feel the authentic floral essence. No more wastage of your rose bouquets or gift boxes because now you can use them in so many different resourceful ways.