Important Etiquettes for Wearing the Cowgirl Hat

By  //  June 19, 2022

The cowboy hat is often considered the most recognizable item of Western clothing. Tradition and history are intertwined in this portion of one’s past. In this article, you’ll learn the appropriate method to wear a cowboy hat, the many types of cowboy hats, and the best approach to select one.

■ Is a cowboy hat made up of just one thing?

Cowboy or cowgirl hats are two more names for this kind of headgear. An initial purpose of the cowboy hat was to protect cattle ranchers from the elements by providing them with a wide-brimmed hat. Because John B. Stetson invented the modern American cowboy hat in 1865, people have been wearing wide-brimmed caps for hundreds of years. Hats worn by vaqueros or cattlemen in northern Mexico are likely the inspiration for this one, formerly marketed as the “Boss of the Plains.” 

Wearer donned a high crown, straight sides, and wide-brimmed fur-felt hat for appearance. It was designed to be durable, waterproof, and fashionable all at the same time. Despite their fantastic range of styles, they are still considered a fundamental component in Western dress, alongside boots and buckles.

The cowboy hat is a staple of Western wear, but it’s also becoming more popular among the fashion-conscious set in recent years. Having a good cowboy hat means you may wear it to the lake, a concert, or even a festival.

■ The Most Commonly Worn Cowboy Hat Styles

Even though cowboy hats are mostly known for their Cattleman style, there are various hats worn by cowboys. The summit of this hat is creased three times, and the brim is slightly curved. The “Boss of the Plains” hat, on the other hand, was the first to gain traction in the US. In this case, there were no wrinkles or creases in the crown.

Choosing the right cowboy hat is not only about the design you desire; instead, it’s about the materials that are the most helpful and comfortable for you. Compared to other varieties of cowboy hats, straw hats tend to be the lightest and easiest to maintain. Once this stage has been reached, hats crafted from various materials will be available for purchase.

■ When Wearing a Cowboy Hat, What to Wear

It’s possible to get a cowgirl hat to fit every event, thanks to the variety of designs available for purchase. You may wear a black cowboy hat to a formal occasion, a palm-leaf hat, or a straw hat to a casual gathering.

Traditional Western clothing, such as cowboy boots, may be paired with a cowboy hat. If you want to be more modern, wear a pair of black Chelsea boots. If you want to appear more casual, try wearing a T-shirt and shorts or a blouse and a skirt with a cowboy hat instead of the classic blue jeans and a button-down shirt.

■ How to Wear a Cowboy Hat Properly

■ Because cowboy hats have a long and rich history in Western culture and tradition, they have their own set of laws and restrictions on how to wear them. Good cowboys observe a set of rules when it comes to wearing their cowboy hats, including the following:

■ To wear your hat correctly, the bow inside the band should be behind your head. Cowboy hat wearers unfamiliar with the style may have their hats turned the wrong way around because of this. The sweatband should be attached to a little bow inside the cap. Make sure the bow is fastened to the back of the guitar. Finding it is the key.

■ Before wearing your new hat, give it time to become used to it. You’ll need to break them in before you can comfortably wear brand-new cowboy boots. If you’re a first-time cowboy hat buyer, you may be unaware of this. Wearing a hat that is correctly fitted to your head for an extended period is likely to cause discomfort to your head.

■ It is customary to take off one’s hat or cap before entering. It is expected to remove your cowboy hat while entering a public building or a private house. This is a must as one of the most basic cowboy hat rules. If you’re attending a formal occasion, you should remove your hat. If you’re attending a casual gathering, you may do it if you choose.

A cowboy hat is no longer as tough to wear, as you would think it is in today’s contemporary society. An iconic fashion statement and a functional accessory, the excellent cowboy hat, have re-emerged in current times. The cowboy hat was initially designed to protect ranch workers from the sun’s rays and keep their heads warm.

On the other hand, Cowboys wear the cap when riding their horses. Cowboy hats are becoming more popular among artists to express their aesthetics. Solange, Lil Nas, and many other country artists follow this tendency.