How to Ride a Jet Ski: The 5 Things to Know for First Time Riders

By  //  August 12, 2022

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One of the most important things that a first time rider would prioritize is their safety. While getting on a jet ski would be one of the most freeing and adventurous activities on the water, you also need to make sure that you have researched the types of jet ski rentals available in Dubai, which type would suit you, and most importantly, the safety precautions that you need to take before riding a jet ski.

Now, there are two main types of jet skis available, and they are-

The stand-up jet ski and the sit down jet ski. Now, both of these jet skis provide different and fun experiences that will reel you in for more. The sit-down jet ski is one best option when it comes to first-time riders because it allows a more relaxed experience where you will have fun and a comfortable way of learning because you will be sitting on the jet ski which will give you more control over the water vehicle.

The stand-up jet ski is more apt for an individual who either has a great physical fitness level or for those who have more experience when it comes to jet skis. This is only because of the fact that stand up jet skis need a lot of balance from the individual riding them.

Getting started on understanding the basics of jet skis

Now, you need to understand that you have to straddle the seat of the jet ski by climbing from the back in order to not tip the water vehicle and make sure that you hold the handle bars of the jet ski tight enough to feel confident about yourself but not too tight that you are putting in all your energy into just holding the jet ski. Make sure that you are comfortable before turning on the jet ski and push the throttle on the handle bars and begin slowly to understand the feel of the jet ski.

You need to understand that the controls of the jet ski vary depending on the brand and design of the water vehicle. You have to know before where exactly is the throttle and the emergency shut off located in case you fall off. There are chances that your jet ski may even have a braking system, so make sure that you know the location of the brakes as well. Allow yourself to familiarize yourself with the jet ski. 

Which brings us to the five most important things you need to know if you are a first time rider, riding a jet ski.

1. Always make sure that you wear the appropriate swimwear.

Choosing to wear a bathing suit or a wet suit is one of the best options for clothes when it comes to jet ski riding. This not only allows the optimal or even maximum range of motion but also allows you to enjoy your ride on the water. 

Furthermore, you can also enjoy yourself getting wet with water and not worry about wearing an appropriate wardrobe for this water sport. Make sure that you have accessories for eye protection and feet protection while you ride the jet ski. Always make sure that you have worn a coast guard approved life jacket as well before you ride your jet ski.

2. Make sure that you secure the necessary documentation and licenses if it is needed.

Make sure that you have checked in with the local authorities about the vehicle registration displays on the decals as well as the licenses that may be needed before riding a water vehicle in some areas or states. Ensure that you have checked this before choosing the rental company.

3. Make sure that you ride straight.

Understandably the jet ski is a powerful water vehicle that can be extremely hard to control for individuals who are first-time riders which is why one of the most common mistakes these beginners make is to stare at the water ahead of them or stare at the handlebars. Make sure that you lift your head and look at the distance ahead of you in order to drive straight.

When it comes to corners or turns, you can choose to practice until you understand how it works. Make sure that you always lean in the direction you are about to turn and if you have a passenger with you, they lean in the same direction as well. Since there is no rudder, you will have to lean into the direction and increase your speed.

4. Always carry signaling devices and safety gadgets.

One of the best things to do as a first time rider is to make sure that you have access to safety devices and signaling devices like a whistle, GPS, back fire flame arrestor, ventilation system and so on, which are extremely useful when it comes to sudden unanticipated emergencies.

5. Make sure that you check the fuel level of your jet ski

The fuel levels should be checked routinely, especially if you have been riding for quite some time or there are chances that you may end up running out of fuel and get stranded far away from the shore.


These were the five important things every single first time jet ski rider should know because this will not only prevent unwanted emergencies but will also make sure that they are aware of what is to be done and followed.