15 Exciting Things to Do in Dubai at Night

By  //  September 9, 2022

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Dubai is very popular as a tourist spot. Everyone is excited about visiting there and spending days doing interesting things. However, something that’s slightly underrated is its nightlife. The city’s true beauty emerges as soon as the nightlife starts. Especially because of the way the different lights illuminate the skyline. 

Adventures, shoppers, and people interested in culture can all find something to do among too many nighttime activities. Dubai’s modern architecture with ancient soul shops will grasp your attention. There are so many activities for you to do that it may be confusing at first. This is why we have made this list of activities so you can choose whatever you find interesting most. 

■ Burj Khalifa’s skyline:  

The skyline is majestic when looked at from the Burj Khalifa. However, this beauty is transcended in the night. The observation deck is at the 148th level. Keep in mind that the logbook closes at 11:30 p.m. for visitors. 

■ Photography Tours:  

There is a certain unique beauty during the night. It helps you capture the amazing sights of Dubai in the moonlight. There are tours or classes offered to help you learn more about night photography.

■ Overnight desert safari:

If you go to Dubai, you have got to go on an overnight desert safari. Nighttime activities are plentiful. These activities can include anything from grand dinners to musical nights. You can also do various things like sand skiing.

■ Night camping:  

Night camping in Dubai will allow you to see the clear starry sky. It is also a very affordable option. You can choose anywhere from secluded beaches to expansive desert landscapes. 

■ Star gazing:  

Star gazing is one of the best activities to do in Dubai during the nighttime. You can join the Dubai Astronomy Group for the amazing tours they offer. These tours are usually free but require registration before you meet up at the designated stargazing place.

■ See the marine life:  

You can also discover the marine life that only appears at night by diving deeper. A minimum of two divers are dispatched on each night dive. When you sign up with any business for their tours, they will usually supply you with the necessary diving gear. 

■ Underwater zoo:  

The Dubai Underwater Zoo is a hotspot for both locals and visitors. You will get to see hundreds of aquatic creators personally while exploring the underwater tunnel. It is ideal to visit during the night since it is very crowded during the day.

■ Global Village:  

Global Village is n’t one of the most exciting places to visit during the night. It is very popular because of all the lavish pavilions. It is even more popular during the winter. There are several attractions, games, etc. for your entertainment. 

■ Motiongate Dubai:  

This is an amusement park with a Hollywood theme. This makes it a great place to visit with your kids for a night out. It has movie sets, kid-friendly attractions, movie-themed shows, etc. 

■ Full Moon Horse Riding:  

Did you know you can go horse riding under the moonlight? It is a great, romantic, and exciting activity to do. It is a 90-minute trip that is sponsored by the Equestrian Club. However, they only offer rides on full moon evenings. 

■ Dine in the dark:  

You can now dine in absolute darkness. At the Noire Fairmont, you will be served in complete darkness while you wear night-vision goggles. This is done so that you can focus on your other senses and enjoy the food more fully. 

■ Nightclubs:  

Dubai’s nightlife is often focused on its many discos and nightclubs. They focus on sound performance, complimentary drinks, and dazzling lights. Remember that the legal drinking age in Dubai is 21 and driving under the influence is not tolerated at all. 

■ IMG Worlds of Adventure:  

This is the world’s largest indoor amusement park. It is a great choice for a night out. The rides are themed after various Marvel movies and cartoon characters. They feature attractions like Thor Thunder Spin, the Velociraptor, etc.

■ ESCAPE Game at Deep Dark Dubai:  

This is a great experience for anyone who wants a spooky experience. It traps visitors within a night of terrifying encounters. Your team will have 60 minutes to escape Dubai’s scariest escape rooms. 

■ Night Diving:  

Al Booming Diving opened in 1995. It is a thrilling experience for all tourists. Night diving will help you partake in popular underwater sports. For example, snorkeling, shark walking, etc. They also offer great diving lessons for both novices and experienced divers. 


This list is the just beginning of all the nighttime activities you can do in Dubai. It is a great city to keep all night owls entertained. It is especially intriguing for all adventure seekers that want to explore the wilderness. You can do so many things including visit malls and outlets that stay open till late, visit nightclubs, etc. However, the 15 mentioned activities will help you make a more wholesome itinerary for your trip!