Prominent Pop Artist Sandy Cohen Launches Anticipated Clothing Line

By  //  September 6, 2022

Historically, fashion and art have intersected in interesting ways – however, art has always carried a more significant weight to it than fashion.

One author notes that: “When we look back on the 20th century, the time when the relationship between art and fashion flourished as it had never before, we begin to notice that to call fashion art’s inferior and frivolous other is far too glib, let alone inaccurate and unfair. For since the beginning of the 20th century it has been fashion that has played a central part in popularizing art.”

Fashion has operated as an industry that not only exhibits artistry, but implores it. Designers have always utilized art, and other artists, as reference points.

Because of the direct connection between the fashion industry and its consumers; fashion has facilitated the popularity of artistic motifs and elements. Some designers have even highlighted an artist’s body of work with their garments.

One artist that is converging fashion and art is prominent pop artist Sandy Cohen. The artist has recently launched her anticipated clothing line that features her art as a focal point. Cohen’s collaboration with a team of financial and apparel experts is an illustration of how powerful the convergence of art and fashion can be. 

Fashion and Art: A History

Fashion and art have a longstanding history with one another. Whilst fashion is often referred to as an artform in itself, the distinction between apparel and art is important.

Designers have always drawn inspiration from artists and their work, but many of them have also sought out collaborations. In 1937, Salvador Dali collaborated with well-known designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Within this collaboration, the designer found inspiration in Dali’s famous surrealist style. What would come from this collection is the now infamous Lobster dress. However, Dali was not the only artist to test the fashion waters. The work of Piet Mondrian served as the inspiration and muse for Hermes designer Lola Prusac.

In the contemporary world, consumers are far more accustomed to the convergence of art and fashion. Alexander McQueen famously collaborated with Damien Hirst – who is frequently lauded as one of the most important artists of the 21st century. Even streetwear and athletic brands have moved to work with artists and their art pieces. 

(Copyright: Sandy Cohen)

Sandy Cohen and Apparel

Cohen is known for her vibrant, evocative, and irreverent pop art. The artist has transplanted her work across various digital mediums, including the metaverse, with her collection of NFTs. Now, the artist has crossed over to the world of fashion with her line of apparel.

Last year Cohen teamed up with Markus Koch, a renowned financial journalist, to create an edgy and contemporary limited edition hoodie. The duo provides an interesting intersection between the often inaccessible world of finance, and the inclusive world of fashion – specifically, streetwear.

On the collaboration’s website, the team notes that, “Honoring Sandy Cohen’s vibrant art, we paid special attention to the complex printing process of the bull and bear images, even mirroring the difference in shading seen in her graffiti type style.”

Cohen recently created another limited edition set of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT inspired hand painted T-shirts exclusively for her NFT shows. She has several collaboration projects lined up with major brands and influencers.

The focus being on monthly drops of highly collectable exclusive limited edition items. It is clear that Cohen and her collaborators have paid special attention to reflecting the artist’s personal style, as well as her previous works. The collections feel authentic and fresh.

For many artists and designers, fashion and art crossovers are intended to be purchased as forms of wearable art.

Whilst many consumers will be interested in the artist’s take on streetwear, many will also be intrigued by the wearable representation of Cohen’s art. This union, between apparel and art, is the embodiment of successful collaborations. 

Final Thoughts

Whilst the art and fashion industries can sometimes be pitted against each other; there is no doubt that their convergence and crossover can be dynamic and powerful.

The history of art working with fashion is a longstanding one, where some of the most intriguing designer collections have utilized art and art history as an inspiration. Sandy Cohen has incorporated her pop art style and signature irreverence to collaborate and create a unique line of apparel.

Her designs are  truly singular, and capture her artistic style authentically. However, they operate both as pieces of wearable art, and as distinct pieces of streetwear.