Traveling Abroad: Should You Go DIY or Tours? We Weigh the Pros & Cons

By  //  May 30, 2023

Whenever it comes to traveling abroad, you want to see the largest number of sites that you possibly can in the limited time allotted to you by your vacation.

Now, there are often two ways to do this, you can either go for a tour where a guide takes you on a pre-planned route and shows you the sites in order. Alternatively, you can DIY the trip yourself, make your own plan, and hit the sites you want to hit on your own.

Which one of these is better? Well, we have got the pros and cons for you here!

Going With A Professional Tour

If you have managed to snag some affordable Bolivia vacation packages, then you might want to hit a professional tour. Professional tours have a few pros.

They Are No Nonsense

Rather than spending time walking between each site, you want to see, or constantly struggling to get to the bus or train on time, a professional tour knows how long it will take to get to each stop on the tour. You will be moving with purpose and kept to a schedule the entire time.

The Guides Are Knowledgeable

The people who are working with you on your tour are the type of people who know the area, and who know about every single site you are going to. They will be able to share history, facts, and little-known secrets, and will also answer any questions you have.

Good Tours Cost Money

One of the cons of hiring a guide or getting on a tour bus is that they often cost money, money you could use for other things on the trip. Getting a guide can be well worth the cost, but there is a cost.

Going With The DIY Option

Of course, you can also choose to DIY the entire trip and go on a self-guided tour. This has its own benefits and drawbacks as well.

You Can Hit What You Want When You Want

One of the biggest cons of tour guides is that you are on someone else’s schedule. You might want to spend longer at a location or breeze past a location you don’t find interesting, and with a DIY tour, you can do just that. If you know that you just have to see a location before you leave, then you can go there whenever you wish.

You Can Explore More Of The Country

With a DIY tour, you will very quickly learn that the most interesting things in the world aren’t found on a map. Simply walking or driving around on your own might lead you to some places that aren’t the common tourist traps, or places that will speak to one of your interests. You might find that these experiences off the beaten path are well worth having a sense of adventure and curiosity. 

DIY Tours Take Time

Whether the place you want to go to is a tourist hotspot or just a corner of the country, DIY touring has a time commitment. You might need to make sure the site you want to see isn’t busy, or you may have a long ride to get there. With a guided tour, the timetable is set in stone, and going from place to place can be simple.

What Do You Want Out Of The Tour?

One isn’t better than the other, but it all comes down to what you want to get out of the tour. Do you want to explore on your own and see the country’s sights? Or would you like a guided experience where you are learning from the experts?

No matter what, you will be spending time with the landscape and the sites of wherever you choose to travel abroad. That means that there is never a wrong choice.