How to Get Started with CSGO Gambling for Beginners

By  //  August 16, 2023

CSGO is one of the most popular eSports out there. Some even call it the father of the modern eSports scene. The high-stakes action of the game makes it one of the perfect events for gambling. 

If you’re new to this, then you probably have no idea what we’re talking about. Gambling on CSGO is slightly different from what you’re used to. There are different kinds of CSGO gambling. If you want to learn about the different types, we’d recommend you visit source for more information. 

Let’s show you everything that you need to know as a beginner.

What Is CSGO Gambling?

CSGO is a tactical shooter video game played between two teams of 5 players. Teams go up against each other on different maps, which in layman’s terms are levels, to attack and defend against the opponents.

Usually, teams play on best of 3 matches. It can also be best of 1, depending on the tournament format. The team that secures 16 rounds first wins the game. 

The gambling on this eSports is done on different betting markets. Why don’t we take a quick look at the most popular markets that even beginners can get started with?

Map Winner

A punter must predict which team will win the map for this wager. If it’s a BO3 match, there will be three different options. There is no draw option, so you must pick one team as your winner. 

Match Winner

Match in CSGO refers to the overall event. It can be a BO1 or a BO3. The winner of the event would be called the match winner. If there’s more than one map, the team that wins more maps will be considered the winner of the match. Bettors must predict which team will defeat the other. 

Most MVPs

CSGO has a built-in system that assigns players MVPs for their performance in different rounds. It’s a popular betting market to wager money on which player will have the most MVPs in a single map. Another variation of this market is the most MVPs in a single match. 

Tips for CSGO Gambling

From the surface, CSGO betting should appear simple. But is it really the case? If you don’t have any prior experience with CSGO betting, you’ll get blindsided and end up losing money. That’s why here’s a list of some valuable tips that should come in handy. 

Research the Game

The best way to learn the ropes of CSGO betting is to understand the game first. You don’t need to be as good as the pros. A basic understanding of the game is enough to get started. 

Stay Calm 

Gambling is fun because it’s unpredictable. But that’s also the reason why it’s frustrating. If you keep losing consecutive bets, the best thing to do is take a breather or simply walk away from betting for a little while. 

Play at Trusted Sites

You can only expect a good betting experience if you’re playing at a trusted betting site. The operator needs to be licensed and reliable if you’re going to enjoy yourself. 

Finishing Up 

Now that you know more about CSGO gambling and how it works, all that’s left to do is get started yourself. You’ll want to start with small bets and gradually work your way up.