Top 13 Starter RC Airplanes for Aspiring Pilots in 2024

By  //  November 13, 2023

Taking to the skies with an RC airplane is a thrilling experience that combines the joy of flight with the challenge of precise control.

For beginners, it’s crucial to choose models that are forgiving, stable, and easy to fly. Here’s a lineup of 13 beginner-friendly RC airplanes that are perfect for novices eager to earn their wings.

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13 Best RC Planes for Beginners

HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2

The Sport Cub S 2 is an excellent trainer airplane featuring SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology to stabilize flights. Its compact size and forgiving flight characteristics make it an ideal first airplane for new pilots.

  • SAFE technology with multiple flight modes
  • Compact size perfect for small parks or fields
  • Durable construction with a lightweight foam frame
  • Ready-to-fly package with controller included

E-flite Apprentice STS 1.5m

E-flite’s Apprentice STS is designed with the beginner in mind, offering a large wingspan for stability and an innovative SAFE system. It also includes a panic recovery feature to prevent crashes.

  • Large 1.5m wingspan for stable flight
  • SAFE technology with panic recovery mode
  • Durable EPO construction with a sleek design
  • Optional floats for water takeoff and landing

Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver

The Flyzone DHC-2 Beaver captures the rugged spirit of bush planes. It’s ready-to-fly and features durable construction, making it great for beginners looking for realistic looks combined with beginner-friendly flying.

  • Realistic scale details and livery
  • Stable flight characteristics for easy learning
  • Robust construction to handle minor mishaps
  • Aileron, elevator, rudder, and throttle control for full flight experience

Tower Hobbies Piper Cherokee

Tower Hobbies offers the Piper Cherokee, a beginner airplane that’s both attractive and easy to fly. Its gentle flight behavior and simple construction make it a great choice for newcomers to RC aviation.

  • Authentic scale appearance
  • Steerable nosewheel for easy ground control
  • Quick and easy assembly with minimal parts
  • Power system suitable for calm and controlled flights

HobbyZone Carbon Cub S 2

The Carbon Cub S 2 by HobbyZone is a versatile trainer with a robust frame and powerful motor. It includes SAFE technology and is suitable for a wide range of flying conditions, from calm mornings to breezy afternoons.

  • High-wing design for better stability
  • Optional flaps and floats for versatility
  • Durable construction with a carbon-reinforced wing
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced flight modes for skill progression

FMS Easy Trainer 1280

FMS’s Easy Trainer 1280 is known for its forgiving flight dynamics and durable design. The 1280mm wingspan offers great visibility and stability, which is crucial for those just starting out in RC flight.

  • Pusher prop configuration to minimize damage during belly landings
  • Quick and easy assembly without glue
  • Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction
  • Included flight battery and charger for convenience

Volantex RC TrainStar Ascent

The TrainStar Ascent from Volantex RC is a trainer airplane that combines a high-wing design with a powerful motor, allowing beginners to learn the ropes with an airplane that can grow with their skills.

  • High-wing configuration for flight stability
  • Durable and repairable foam construction
  • Powerful brushless motor for good performance
  • Beginner-friendly with the capability to perform basic aerobatics

Dynam Smart Trainer

Dynam’s Smart Trainer is designed to make learning to fly as straightforward as possible. It features a tri-cycle landing gear for easier takeoffs and landings and a forgiving flight envelope for a stress-free flying experience.

  • Tricycle landing gear designed for stability on the ground
  • Detachable wings for easy transport and storage
  • Balance charger included for battery management
  • Smooth and stable flight characteristics for beginners

HobbyZone AeroScout S 1.1m

The AeroScout S is an all-in-one solution for new pilots, with everything needed included in the box. Its pusher configuration and SAFE technology help protect the propeller and assist with stable flights.

  • Pusher prop configuration for safety
  • Durable foam material to withstand impacts
  • Integrated SAFE technology for multiple levels of assistance
  • Ready-to-fly with no assembly required

E-flite UMX Radian

The UMX Radian is a compact glider with a lightweight design, making it complete for catching thermals and learning the nuances of RC flight without the complexity of a powered airplane.

  • Lightweight and streamlined design for easy gliding
  • AS3X technology for smoother flight performance
  • Folding propeller to reduce drag while gliding
  • Controllable with a basic 3-channel operation

ParkZone T-28 Trojan

ParkZone’s T-28 Trojan is a scale replica that’s forgiving enough for beginners yet has the potential for more advanced maneuvers as your skills improve. It’s a great stepping stone to more complex aircraft.

  • Scale replica of the historic T-28 Trojan
  • Durable Z-Foam material for resilience against crashes
  • Steerable nose gear for better ground handling
  • Powerful 480-size brushless motor system

H-King Skysword

The H-King Skysword is an edf jet that’s surprisingly beginner-friendly. Its ducted fan design gives it jet-like performance while maintaining stability and control for new pilots.

  • EDF jet experience suitable for beginners
  • Includes SAFE stabilization technology
  • Durable foam construction to handle the occasional rough landing
  • Eye-catching design for visibility in the sky

Ares Gamma 370 Pro

Ares’ Gamma 370 Pro is a versatile trainer that can be upgraded as the pilot’s skills develop. It starts as a gentle trainer but can transform into a sporty airplane with a few simple swaps.

  • Modular design for easy upgrades
  • Brushless power system for efficient flight
  • Comes with Aegis Natural Flight Progression (NFP) technology
  • High-wing design for inherent stability

Final Thoughts

Starting with a beginner-friendly RC airplane is crucial for a positive introduction to this exciting hobby. The airplanes listed above offer great features for novice pilots, ensuring an enjoyable and successful start to RC flying.

As you progress in the hobby and are ready to expand your fleet, will be there to support you every step of the way. Their extensive range of RC airplanes, from trainers to jets, provides options for all skill levels and interests. Whether you’re looking to soar high or race fast, is your one-stop-shop for all your RC aviation needs.