Exploring Passover Programs in the USA: Family Fun Near Theme Parks

By  //  February 21, 2024

Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, is a time of family gatherings and traditional meals. However, for those seeking a unique blend of traditional observance and family-oriented fun, combining Passover celebrations with visits to theme parks presents an excellent opportunity.

During Passover, many Jewish families opt for special programs that cater to the needs of observing the holiday while also providing leisure and entertainment options. These Passover vacations are specifically designed to offer a hassle-free holiday experience, allowing families to observe the traditions without the stress of holiday preparations. They typically include kosher-for-Passover meals, prayer services, and various forms of entertainment suitable for all ages.

One of the key attractions of some Passover programs in the United States, especially for families with children, is their proximity to major theme parks. Understanding the appeal of these fun-filled destinations, many Passover programs in cities like Orlando, San Diego, and Los Angeles include special provisions for those wishing to visit nearby theme parks:

  • Transportation Services: To ease the travel logistics, many Passover programs offer transportation to and from nearby theme parks. This service allows families to enjoy their day out without the worry of navigating through traffic or finding parking spaces.
  • Packed Lunches: Catering to the dietary requirements during Passover, these programs often provide the option of packed lunches. These lunches are prepared in compliance with Passover dietary laws, ensuring that families can maintain their observance while enjoying a full day at a theme park. This feature is particularly convenient as it saves families from the challenge of finding kosher-for-Passover food options in theme parks.

The combination of traditional Passover observances, the amenities like transportation and packed lunches, and the excitement of theme parks makes these programs exceptionally appealing. Whether it’s the magical world of Disney in Orlando, the adventurous Universal Studios in Los Angeles, or the aquatic wonders of SeaWorld in San Diego, these Passover programs ensure a balanced experience of faith, tradition, and family fun.

Passover Programs Near Orlando’s Theme Parks

Orlando, known for its plethora of theme parks, offers a range of Passover programs that promise both a spiritual and fun-filled holiday experience.

  • Walt Disney World: The park offers an array of attractions and shows that captivate visitors of all ages. From the enchanting Cinderella Castle to the thrilling Space Mountain, the resort brims with magical experiences. Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere with parades, fireworks, and character meet-and-greets. 
  • Universal Studios Orlando: This park is renowned for its exhilarating rides, including roller coasters and simulator experiences, that transport guests into the worlds of their favorite movies and TV shows. Highlights include The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where magic comes to life, and the adrenaline-pumping Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. In addition to the rides, the park offers a variety of live shows and entertainment, making it an ideal spot for families and adventure-seekers to celebrate Passover with excitement and fun.
  • SeaWorld Orlando: The park features spectacular shows, up-close animal encounters, and educational exhibits that highlight the beauty of the oceanic world. In addition to marine exhibits, the park includes a range of thrilling rides and roller coasters, such as Mako and Kraken, for those seeking an adrenaline rush.
  • Legoland Florida: Ideal for families with younger children, Legoland Florida Resort provides a playful environment where kids can explore and create with Legos, fostering imagination and creativity. The park features a variety of Lego-themed rides and attractions, including interactive building experiences and gentle roller coasters. From impressive Lego sculptures to entertaining shows, Legoland offers a unique experience, blending the charm of Legos with the joy of theme park adventures.

Celebrating Passover in San Diego Near Theme Parks

San Diego’s beautiful coastal setting is complemented by its proximity to several theme parks, making it a great location for Passover programs.

  • Legoland California: Just a short drive from San Diego, this park is an enchanting world of creativity and fun, ideal for families with young children celebrating Passover. The park features interactive Lego-themed rides, extensive building areas, and impressive Lego sculptures, igniting the imagination of both kids and adults. It’s a place where families can bond over shared building projects and enjoy gentle rides that are perfect for younger visitors.
  • SeaWorld San Diego: The park showcases a variety of marine life, thrilling rides, and educational shows, allowing guests to explore the mysteries of the sea. Its combination of entertainment and conservation education makes it a meaningful destination for the holiday.
  • Belmont Park: This historic oceanfront amusement park adds a touch of nostalgia to the Passover celebration. With its vintage-style roller coasters and carnival games, the park offers a timeless experience. The beachfront setting provides a picturesque backdrop, making it a perfect spot for families to enjoy both amusement and relaxation.

Los Angeles and Its Passover Programs Near Theme Parks

Los Angeles, the entertainment capital, is not just about Hollywood. It also hosts a variety of Passover programs near some of the most iconic theme parks.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood: A portal to the glamor and excitement of Hollywood, offering guests a blend of cinematic thrills and live entertainment. The park features a range of film-themed attractions, including immersive rides that take visitors into the heart of iconic movies. The famed Studio Tour gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at movie-making, while various live shows add to the entertainment, making it an ideal destination for families celebrating Passover.
  • Disneyland Resort: Known as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” the park’s iconic Disney characters and fairy-tale settings provide a perfect backdrop for family memories. From the thrilling adventures in Adventureland to the futuristic explorations in Tomorrowland, Disneyland ensures a joyful and memorable Passover celebration for visitors of all ages.
  • Knott’s Berry Farm: Combining a theme park with a historical twist, Knott’s Berry Farm provides a unique backdrop for Passover celebrations. This park combines exciting roller coasters and family rides with a touch of California history, reflected in its Old West Ghost Town. 


Passover programs in the USA offer a unique blend of traditional observance and modern entertainment. Whether you are in Orlando, San Diego, or Los Angeles, there is no shortage of options to make your Passover celebration both meaningful and enjoyable. Remember, these programs not only offer a chance to observe the holiday but also to create lasting memories with family and friends amidst the excitement of America’s favorite theme parks.