Sheriff Ivey Leads New Crime Prevention Task Force

By  //  May 24, 2013

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iWatch allows instant information sharing

ABOVE VIDEO: Dan Elliot, the Dallas-based architect of iWatch, explains the ways in which the iWatch system works and how he became inspired to design the system.

BREVARD COUNTY • VIERA, FLORIDA — Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey has introduced a new Crime Prevention Task Force – an initiative between Brevard law enforcement agencies, using the latest in technology to fight crime before it happens.

Preventing Crime Before It Happens


The all new iWatch Brevard County digital application will allow instant sharing of information from and to the public at large. (Image for

During a press conference at the Sheriff’s West Precinct headquarters in Viera, Sheriff Ivey introduced new tools that will be employed to improve apprehension of criminals throughout Brevard County.

“In the past we have seen task forces established to catch criminals after crimes have been committed,” Ivey said.

“The goal of this task force is to keep crime from occurring and to prevent people from becoming a victim. When our resources are combined, our messages are combined. Law enforcement has always been territorial but, with this new multi-agency task force, we will now share vital information and protective measures with our agencies and the public to help prevent crime and victimization.”

Ivey’s Passion for Crime Prevention

Referring to the different law enforcement agencies within Brevard County, Ivey’s passion and vision for increased crime prevention was palpable.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey

Sheriff Wayne Ivey

“We don’t care whether the person who will save your life or will protect your family is wearing a green uniform, a blue uniform or a white uniform,” Ivey said.

“What we care about is that our citizens get the best and most coordinated crime prevention possible. I am very proud to be a part of this initiative with the chiefs and the state attorney’s office, where our resources will be combined to provide the best information to our citizens.”

Ivey outlined the task force’s development of a comprehensive system to reach every citizen in the county through one medium or another.

Brevard Sheriff TV

The new Brevard Sheriff TV will provide education on topics like identity theft, home invasion protection, swim safe programs and a way for many other public service announcements to be delivered to the citizens. All pubic service agencies will be able to use the media room to deliver their announcements and will be included in the delivery of information. Brevard Sheriff TV will also allow information to be delivered to all law enforcement personnel.

“Any new crime trends will also be explained and this will allow us to increase crime prevention, which will lower our crime rate,” said Ivey.

Facebook Tips Solving Crimes

1328075175_icontexto-inside-facebook“Facebook has become a vital tool for us and given us the ability to reach people not only in Brevard but across the country through the exponential sharing of information,” Ivey said.

“We recently captured a serial car burglar due to tips from Facebook.In-person law enforcement presentations will receive greater exposure as agencies will share information which will bring more awareness to things like personal safety, work-place violence, human trafficking and senior safety. We don’t care whether its a group of 5 or 500, we will show up and provide important presentations to the public about ways to improve crime prevention.”

Free App, iWatch, Prevents Crimes

The all new iWatch Brevard County digital application will allow instant sharing of information from and to the public at large. “This is a loaded tool which will allow the public to instantly share crime prevention information.” Ivey said. “You can have the best message in the world but if you can’t deliver it to the front door of the citizens, it’s useless.”

State Attorney Phil Archer supports the Crime Prevention Task Force (Space Coast Daily image)

State Attorney Phil Archer supports the Crime Prevention Task Force (Space Coast Daily image)

To that end, Ivey invited residents to download the free smart phone and computer application, iWatch Brevard County, that allows anyone to instantly send in anonymous tips, report suspicious behavior, view crime-related photos, receive crime alerts and follow community crime.

“Our goal is to get you that information instantly,” said Ivey.

Dan Elliot, the Dallas-based architect of iWatch, from the company ithinqware, explained the ways in which the iWatch system allows for the sharing of information.

iWatch is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows phones. Tips will go to the respective agencies, giving patrol officers information about happenings in their city.

iWatch is available in 36 different languages and is free from the Google Play store or on iOs through iTunes.

State of the Art Community Policing 

“It’s really community policing 2.0,” said Elliot. “You’re only two clicks from giving a tip. This is the forty-sixth iWatch system we have set up, but the first one in Florida, so thank you to Sheriff Wayne Ivey for seeing the potential for this to help Brevard.”

The iWatch Brevard system is a fully functioning, suite of tools, integrated to all social media and geofenced to send the tip to the right agency.”

“This tremendous new tool will allow our citizens to become more engaged in crime prevention, is very simple to use and is free” said Ivey.

Rockledge Chief of Police Lionel A. Cote supports the Crime Prevention Task Force (Space Coast Daily image)

Rockledge Chief of Police Lionel A. Cote supports the Crime Prevention Task Force (Space Coast Daily image)

All of the county’s municipal police chiefs echoed Sheriff Iveys words and commented on how much they all felt the task force will improve crime prevention.

State Attorney Phil Archer also lent his full support.

“Anytime we can get law enforcement agencies to work together and share information, it is a good idea, and I look forward to working with all the chiefs and the Sheriff,” said Archer.

Ivey recognized and thanked the local media for their support in crime prevention and crime solving and also recognized Cheryl Senk and other members of his team for assisting in the selection and development of the program.

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