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The Space Coast Daily team is a close-knit group of highly experienced, highly motivated, innovative people who want to make a positive difference on the rapidly changing media landscape.

Dedicated to the highest levels of professionalism and excellence in all aspects of both printed and digital publishing, the Space Coast Daily team brings more than 120 years of collective experience in journalism to its rapidly expanding portfolio of high-quality, printed niche magazines and digital platforms.

The mission of Space Coast Daily is to provide a worldwide audience with interesting and informative content  in an entertaining way, to encourage the sharing of ideas and opinions among its readers to encourage constructive discourse and debate, to tell compelling stories that create thought, laughter and concern.

Above all, the Space Coast Daily team strives to maintain high levels of integrity and honesty and to build a relationship with its readership of trust and reliability based on high ethics and social responsibility.

EDITORIAL POLICY: Space Coast Daily provides an unbiased, non-agenda-driven venue for your information and engagement, and welcomes and encourages all points of view. For more information, or to send your comments and columns, e-mail SpaceCoastDaily@gmail.com

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