Épicé Dedicated To Enhanced Sun Protection

By  //  May 6, 2012

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Épicé grew out of dermatologist Dr. Michael Spicer’s concern that active men and women are not receiving enough skin protection in the sun.

Dr. Michael Spicer

The importance of sun protection is vital to active people, and in his practice and research on Florida’s east coast, he has spent many years trying to get his male patients to wear sunscreen for skin protection in the sun, but mostly, he found, they don’t like the feel of it, and it interferes with their active lifestyles.

After all, no one wants to hold a tennis racket or a fishing rod with sticky or slippery hands just because of sun protection. After testing many sun protection products, Dr. Spicer finally found one that dries like a powder, doesn’t burn the eyes and, most importantly, keeps the sun’s harmful rays at bay.

He feels so strongly about Épicé Sunscreen that he started a company to take it to a global market.