OFFSHORE FISHING: Last Week For 2012 Grouper Season

By  //  December 23, 2012

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offshore fishing

BREVARD COUNTY • PORT CANAVERAL, FLORIDA – South Atlantic anglers have less than a month to harvest Gag Grouper, also often referred to as Grey Grouper. 

CAPT. JOE PALERMO of the Sea Wrangler out of Port Canaveral pulled in this 42-pound Gag Grouper (also referred to as a Grey Grouper) in 170 feet of water off the Port. You can contact Capt. Joe at 321-863-6026 or visit ( image)

The season for these bottom dwellers closes January 1 in all federal and state waters throughout the South Atlantic Coast. This closure will last four months, opening back up on May 1 and will also include, Black Grouper, Red Grouper, Scamp, Rock Hind, Red Hind, Coney, Graysby, Yellowfin Grouper and Tiger Grouper.

Most shallow water grouper are caught in federal waters, ranging from 60 feet to 280 feet on bottom structures such as wrecks or natural live bottom. The Gag is one of the most common of the shallow-water grouper and the species most likely to be caught by recreational anglers.

Although December may bring some rough weather days, anglers who can make it out can expect to catch these predators of the deep on live pinfish, croakers, sardines or cigar minnows. If live bait is not available, they will also eat dead bait as well – that is if you can get through those pesky Red Snapper.

You can contact  Capt. Joe at 321-863-6026 or visit

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