ASEA and Its Positive Effects On the Body

By  //  June 15, 2013


To say that the human body is complex is an understatement, to be sure.

It boggles the mind to realize that the body is uncountable atoms, molecules, nanoparticles, cells and other really small things working in unison – somehow.

Hair and fingernails grow. Wounds heal. Food digests. We move. Thoughts happen. Invaders are repelled. Breathing. Aging.

The list of things that the body does is equal in number to the trillions of cells we have in our body.

Molecules As Messengers

Humans are electrochemical beings – which, of course, you knew, right?

Uh, yeah – me, too. Well, it turns out that we are, and in order for things like your brain cells, blood flow and tissue repair to function properly cells have to communicate.

“Hello, I am a cell, and I can’t get up!”

“Clean up in artery five.”

“I’m from the mitochondria, and I’m here to help.”

“Hey, let’s replicate!”

Some of the messengers in our bodies are called redox signaling molecules.

Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. in Medical/Atomic Physics, is a leading researcher in redox signaling (image for Space Coast Daily)

Dr. Gary Samuelson, Ph.D. in Medical/Atomic Physics, a leading researcher in redox signaling science, teacher, author and consultant, puts it this way, “Redox signaling is the most fundamental, elaborate communication network that signals for tissues to heal themselves.

At the hub of this network are the mitochondria.

Every cell in our body contains mitochondria.

The mitochondria in our cells produce the fuel that is used to energize the cells and in the process, they also produce reactive molecules.

The reactive molecules are reductants and oxidants.

The reductants pair up with our body’s natural antioxidants to protect the cell.

The oxidants are used by the immune system to destroy invading organisms and help the cells communicate with each other when cells are damaged or under attack.

This communication network between the cells is known as redox signaling.”

I feel so smart now!

Healthy Cells Healthy You

Back when I was my usual wide-awake self, daydreaming about living in a daydream, in Mr. I-forget-his-name’s high school biology class (EGHS 1976), knowing how the body worked was a pretty low priority.

Learning about the body’s organs and systems and cells was a beat to which I didn’t drum.

Yet, during the last couple of years, business and study have taught me to become an evangelist for cellular health, in the ‘I want to tell everyone about it right now’ kind of way.

As a layman coming to the subject nearly 17 years since its origins, I am not alone, in my attraction to the compelling nature of redox signaling and its impacts on human health.

The science of redox signaling, redox signaling molecules, their relationship with antioxidants, and how vital they are for human life is regularly documented in the Antioxidants & Redox Signaling journal.

Science and medical professionals around the world are fully engaged in this emerging discipline that has the potential of spearheading some of the greatest advances in human health.

Education and business experiences have proven to me that it’s the foundational strength of the little things first that make the whole stronger and stable.

That’s how all good systems are built. So it occurs to me that if your cells are healthy you are healthy. Redox signaling molecules are vital for the health of your cells.

If Only You Could Bottle It

Since ASEA has been brought to market, scientists have continued to study the beneficial effects on the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. (Image for Space Coast Daily)

As a result of work some colleagues and I were doing with our food manufacturing patent and the resulting product’s healthy weight management implications, when I was introduced to redox signaling and “health at the cellular level,” a full investigation was the natural response.

Besides, the idea of living healthier longer was certainly appealing!

My investigation revealed that nearly 17 years ago, a team of engineers, researchers, and medical professionals discovered a method for producing redox signaling molecules outside the body.

This work led to the creation of the foundational technology behind a product called ASEA.

Building on this foundational technology, the ASEA scientists and researchers improved and expanded the proprietary process, further stabilizing these redox signaling molecules.

Since ASEA has been brought to market, these scientists have continued to study the beneficial effects on the cells, tissues, and organs of the body.

So what is ASEA?

ASEA is trillions of stable, perfectly balanced redox signaling molecules suspended in a pristine saline solution — the same molecules that are native to and exist in the cells of the human body.

This is truly great news, too. You see, from about the age of 12 our bodies produce decreasing levels of redox signaling molecules down to about 10 percent by the time we are 70.

However, since about mid-2009 our ability to replenish these vital molecules has been available.

ASEA (the company’s name, also) recommends drinking two ounces twice a day.

Drinking more is perfectly fine since the product is completely safe, with zero toxicity.

Studies Reveal More Benefits

The science of redox signaling, redox signaling molecules, their relationship with antioxidants, and how vital they are for human life is regularly documented in the Antioxidants & Redox Signaling journal. (image for Space Coast Daily)

A Google search on “redox signaling” results in many articles, papers, and resources on the the subject.

Millions of dollars have been invested to conduct a variety of product quality, health safety, and athletics studies on redox signaling molecules.

Studies show that redox signaling is at the very core of mediating and regulating the mechanisms that restore cellular functionality and health.

Here are some examples:

500 percent improvement in the body’s glutathione peroxidase and super oxide dismutase antioxidant efficiency

increased ventilatory threshold (the “runner’s wall”) by 12 percent

pre-exercise mobilization of free fatty acids

Maybe part of the aging process should be to be fight the aging process.

Sustained improved cellular health and healing from replenished redox signaling molecules makes living younger longer possible.

About The Author

J.Brewer is a leading Space Coast expert on the benefits of ASEA and it’s redox signaling molecules.

J. Brewer is a technology and media professional. His 30 year career includes programmer to manager to consultant positions with Martin Marietta, AT&T, and Harris Corp., plus executive roles with several successful Central Florida Internet firms.

Brewer received his B.A. in Theatre/Film/TV from Florida State University.

In 2006 he took his education, experience and entrepreneurial spirit into the exploding online media scene, specializing in live video webcasting.

In 2011, his company, Teksita, was selected to webcast the 120 hour Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build of the Hurston home in Cocoa, FL.

Brewer is also an independent associate with ASEA.

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