Rockledge’s New Police Chief Meets School Leaders

By  //  June 28, 2013


ABOVE VIDEO: Rockledge’s new police chief Joseph LaSata introduces himself to local school principals during an introductory breakfast at Malibu’s. LaSata was an assistant chief of police for the West Hartford, Conn., Police Department.

 BREVARD COUNTY • ROCKLEDGE, FLORIDA — During a morning meeting over coffee and breakfast, Rockledge School principals and administrators were introduced to Rockledge’s new police chief, Joseph LaSata.

Rockledge Police Chief Jospeh LaSata takes notes while listening to principals from local schools. ( image)
Rockledge Police Chief Jospeh LaSata takes notes while listening to principals from local schools. ( image)

The meeting was arranged to give Chief LaSata a chance to share his background in law enforcement and listen to comments and questions from leaders at Rockledge’s schools.

Prior to being named as Rockledge’s chief of police, he was an  assistant chief of police for the West Hartford, Conn. Police Department. Chief LaSata, who was sworn as chief on June 5, also holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the American International College, and he is a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.

During Chief Lasata’s career in West Hartford, several of his officers were called to assist with the statewide response to the school shooting in Newtown.

Michael Cadore
Michael Cadore

While Newtown didn’t fall under Chief LaSata’s jurisdiction, his team was involved with a cumulative effort to assist fellow officers during a tragic time he described as a “media circus.” Emergency procedures and school lock-downs were among the topics discussed during the meeting.

Rockledge Police Department Reservist Michael Cadore organized the meeting between Chief LaSata and Rockledge school principals and administrators.


Principals in attendance included McNair Magnet School Principal Rosette Brown and Richard Myers, Principal at Kenndy Middle School, among others.

Rosette Brown. (Image Courtesy of McNair Magnet School)
Rosette Brown. (Image Courtesy of McNair Magnet School)

Brown was grateful for the opportunity to meet the new police chief and encouraged by Chief LaSata’s outreach to local school leaders.

“I felt that it was a very productive meeting it provided an opportunity for us as principals to meet and establish a meaningful rapport with the new chief of police,” Brown said. “I feel very optimistic that we will continue the great existing working relationship that we have with Rockledge Police Department. Chief LaSata expressed his eagerness to get involved with the schools in Rockledge and be ready to assist in any capacity needed. He is making himself available to come out to the schools to meet with the students, teachers and parents.”

Kennedy Middle School principal Richard Myers praised Rockledge Police Department’s ongoing commitment to staying in close communication with schools. Myers was interested in LaSata’s experience and insight gained from the Connecticut during the Newtown tragedy.

“He brings a unique perspective to our community,” Myers said. “It will give us some insight on some potential safety measures that we may be able to adopt and put in place. I appreciate Rockledge Police Department reaching out to schools to communicate with us,” Myers said. “They have a track record of being very cooperative and supportive of our schools. Having a Rockledge Police Department  officer at our school has provided us with an extra measure of security and a feeling of safety that our parents, students and staff are able to enjoy. Rockledge Police Department has always been very visible on our campus and have been a very positive influence with our students.”