News 13 Weather Crew Bids Treanor Fond Farewell

By  //  November 12, 2013

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Group shot from left to right: Maureen McCann, Rob Eicher, Mallory Nicholls, Ali Turiano, Amy Sweezey, Pete Caggiano, Danny Treanor, Jeff Day, Eric Burris, Tom Sorrells, Julie Broughton, Alex Alecci
THE NEWS 13 WEATHER CREW gave Central Florida media legend Danny Treanor a fond farewell during his reiterment party yesterday. Above, from left to right are Maureen McCann, Rob Eicher, Mallory Nicholls, Ali Turiano, Amy Sweezey, Pete Caggiano, Danny Treanor, Jeff Day, Eric Burris, Tom Sorrells, Julie Broughton and Alex Alecci. (Image for

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – Danny Treanor received a fond farewell from his colleagues at News 13 yesterday as the weather crew gathered for Treanor’s retirement party to pay tribute to one of central Florida’s most well known TV personalities.

Danny Treanor with Julie Broughton. (Image for
Danny Treanor with Julie Broughton. (Image for

Treanor, who started his career on the radio, spent the past 10 years with Central Florida News 13. From 1978 to 1996, Treanor was one of Florida’s most popular weathermen on the Orlando ABC affiliate, WFTV.

“In 1978, I came to Central Florida to talk to you about the weather,” said Treanor to his many fans and admirers. “Since that time, you’ve allowed me to come into your home many, many times. I just wanted to thank you for the last 35 years.”

Treanor, whose last broadcast was on October 23 told News 13, “It’s better to walk out than be wheeled out. It’s better to be seen than to be viewed.”


News 13, in a tribute to Treanor last month on their website,, said: Wednesday is Danny Treanor‘s last day at News 13 as he retires from TV news after 35 years in Central Florida. In that time, he’s become part of our family and yours.

Marla Weech and Danny Treanor in a 1980's publicity photo. (Image courtesy
Marla Weech and Danny Treanor in a 1980’s publicity photo. (Image courtesy

As we celebrate his long career, his longtime colleague, Marla Weech, asks him about his early life, the ups and downs of his career, and how he wants his viewers to remember him.

Marla Weech: Were you the kid that constantly got into trouble with the teacher, every moment of the day?

Danny Treanor: Yes.

MW: Every grade?

DT: Yes, yes.

MW: What did you get in trouble for?

DT: I was Charlie Brown. “He’s a clown.”

MW: Were you the one that wouldn’t stop talking?

DT: I wouldn’t stop talking. I learned my multiplication tables in detention. That’s: “I can do my multiplication tables at any moment. Just ask me!”

MW: Did you enjoy getting into trouble because it brought attention from the teacher?

DT: For some reason, my voice carries across the room, and they didn’t even have to turn around to know it was me. Quite often, I would say things that weren’t as acceptable to the rest of the world.

MW: Do you not have a brake system in your brain?

DT: I do, I do, but…


ABOVE VIDEO: 1983 Opening video of WFTV’s evening news, with Danny Treanor.

ABOVE VIDEO: Central Florida Talk Show Host Bud Heddinger of WFLA pays tribute to Danny Treanor.