VIDEO: Shark Understanding Comes Through Confrontation

By  //  September 1, 2014


Growing up in and around the water, Joe Romeiro developed a love for the ocean at a young age. After seeing his first shark when he was just 5 years old, he has been captivated by them ever since. A self-taught filmmaker, he founded 333 Productions in 2007 with fellow producer & shark conservationist Bill Fisher. Since then, 333 Productions has created four award-winning films, “Silent Requiem”, “Death of a Deity”, “A Lateral Line” and “Shark Culture.”
Joe Romeiro
Joe Romeiro

NAT GEO VIDEO: Nietzsche said that understanding comes through confrontation. He also said that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Underwater filmmaker and artist Joe Romeiro regularly puts both these theories to the test. Ever since this wildlife cameraman saw his first shark at age five, he’s been fascinated (obsessed?) with them and the “guttural, emotional” feeling he gets from interacting with them on their turf.