Video: Florida Jewelry Store Owner Fights Thieves

By  //  May 28, 2015

LAUDERHILL, FLORIDA – A violent heist brought out the inner ninja out of a Lauderhill jewelry store owner who wielded a long stick to fight off a swarm of thieves who made off with about $200,000 of merchandise in under a minute.

Surveillance video taken Saturday afternoon shows at least half a dozen thugs entering Immanuel Jewelry and smashing the glass displays with hammers and grabbing what they could get.

Owner Sue Shimochi then picked up a long metal stick from the floor to protect her establishment. She kept on swinging even after one of the bad guys hit her in the head with a blue bucket, though her best efforts couldn’t stop the grab-and-run.Other employees came to Shimochi’s aid, but the suspects were too quick.

The gang, meanwhile, is suspected in two similar attacks over the past two weeks, one in West Palm Beach and another in Lake Worth.

In one of them, a law enforcement source tells me, a suspect cut his finger on broken glass and left plenty of DNA behind.

An accomplice dropped his hammer, and it had a big, fat finger print on it.