VIDEO: Spacewalking The Last 50 Years Versus The Next 50 Years With NASA

By  //  June 2, 2015

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ABOVE VIDEO: On June 3, 1965, NASA astronaut Ed White exited the Gemini 4 space capsule using a hand-held oxygen jet gun to push himself from the hatch for a 23-minute tethered spacewalk that set the stage for future moonwalks, satellite retrievals and repairs, and space station assembly and maintenance. (ReelNASA Video)

NASA – Spacewalks and spacesuits are a critical component of all human space exploration endeavors.

To date, NASA has completed 264 spacewalks, including 184 dedicated to space station assembly and 23 focused on the repair of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Human exploration of Mars will require innovative design solutions for EVA systems to protect crew from the Red Planet’s environment.

For the first time since 1982, NASA is in the process of evaluating and testing new suit prototype designs to support our journey to Mars.