Arrests In Brevard County: August 12, 2015

By  //  August 12, 2015

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BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – The suspects below were arrested by various law enforcement agencies on the Space Coast.

PLEASE NOTE: All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The mugshots and arrest records published on are not an indication of guilt, or evidence that an actual crime has been committed.


2 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

Alves, Khwyntarius, Deyshauwn
Anderson, Christopher, Rashad
Applegate, James, Norman
Baylum, Lillian, Ann
Blow, Joseph, Lamaine
Bouma, Trenton, Sergei
Caraballo, Sherrie, Anne
Carlin, April, Lynn
Centeno, Ruben, C
Clark, Kevin, D
Cook, Billy, James
Cooner, Alyssa, Saraya
Craig, William, Nicholson
Densley, Ashley, Elisabeth
Evans, Anthony, Lamar
Felix, Matthew, Nmi
Forse, Lauren
Galasso, Janelle, K
Garcia, Alexander, Antonio
Ghee, Clarence, Terrell
Goddard, Paul, Alan
Green, Quentin, A
Greenfield, Joseph, Lee
Hupfer, Kris, Winston
Jackson, China, Ginia
Johnson, Kevin, Lee
Johnson, Melissa, May
King, Jerome
Knight, David
Lipford, Stephen, Daniel
Marengo, Anthony, Nmn
Milazzo, Emili, Allyn
Miley, Levander, Augustus
Myers, Shaylene, Michelle
Nash, Vivien, M
Ortiz, Samantha, A
Ortiz, Sarah, Michelle
Pacheco, Anastasia, Marie
Ross, Jerome, Michael
Saitta, Anthony, George
Sherman, Jeffrey, Allen
Shorter, La’Keeysiya
Skanes, William, Henry
Smith, Zachary, Conrad
Spruill, Terry, Oconnor
Stewart, Thomas, B
Venrick, Reed, Emerson
Wade, Gene, Vincent
Walton, Horace, Emanuel
Washington, Tkeyah, Zoricia
Wellmaker, Shannon, Shantria Latece
Wilkins, Christopher, Nmn
Wright, Albert, Edward