Four Ways Cloud ERP Can Avert a Business Disaster, Predict Trends Before They Happen

By  //  September 23, 2017

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Running a business can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. Losing focus for just a second can result in catastrophe. Smart business owners know this, and are constantly looking for ways to improve internal best practices.

Running a business can sometimes feel like walking a tightrope. Losing focus for just a second can result in catastrophe. Smart business owners know this, and are constantly looking for ways to improve internal best practices.

A huge part of avoiding meltdowns is building your business around a software platform that helps instead of hindering operations. Here are four ways cloud ERP can avert a business disaster.

Avoid Data Breaches

No matter a company’s industry, the safety of employee and client data needs to be a top priority. Cloud ERP software can help organizations keep their private data more secure than ever before. The idea that a cloud-based platform is more secure than a local server may go against your intuition. However, this is largely the case.

Good cloud ERP providers know that the security of their clients’ data is critically important to their survival as a business. Basically, they know why you’re skeptical.

And that’s why they’ve taken measures to provide superior service when compared with local networks. Cloud ERP services hire top talent in data security to maintain their firewalls and other security measures. Since ERP providers have more expertise in their product than any outside sources, they can do an incredibly reliable job protecting it.

Another benefit of cloud ERP software is that it allows for laptops and other devices to be disabled from the network if they’re stolen or compromised in any way. Cloud connectivity means all information is stored remotely from devices, so by cutting their access, they become nothing more than blank computers.

Predict Trends Before They Happen

Cloud ERP software allows businesses to integrate all departments and data onto one cohesive platform accessible by all employees with an Internet connection. This capability allows for some pretty incredible features—one of them being unprecedented data collection and analysis. Gathering real-time, accurate statistics for key performance indicators (KPI) has never been easier. An ERP for manufacturing can help streamline warehouse processes by identifying inefficiencies through quantifiable micro-data. 

Not only does this allow for near-term fixes, in some areas of operations, this continual data collection can help identify future trends. These added insights can help businesses pivot in time to adjust to shifting industry tides.

Automate Repeatable Tasks to Avoid Critical Errors

There are a few ways cloud ERP software can protect a business through its ability to automate some jobs in areas such as payroll and accounting. Businesses can obviously benefit financially from automating these tasks, as doing so will sometimes require organizations to hire fewer employees. However, this automation is even more important for its ability to limit mistakes. Not only can accounting and payroll mistakes be embarrassing, they can cost companies money.

Additionally, cloud ERP services offer some innovative services that can save companies from disaster. Cloud ERP software can automatically update so it’s compliant with the most recent regulations. Non-compliance is an error than can be fatal for some organizations.

Scale To Adapt To a Changing World

The ability to fluidly scale can save organizations a lot of money while also allowing them to keep up with changes in their industries. Failure to adapt can force businesses to downsize, or even shut down operations. Cloud ERP software combats this by allowing companies to pay for services as they’re needed.

Since businesses don’t need to purchase any equipment upfront, they don’t spend more than what’s necessary. Seasonal businesses can also scale down operations during their off seasons. This flexibility is allowing for more competitive and profitable business models. And it even has the potential to save companies from disaster if they need to quickly change direction.

These are some of the ways cloud ERP software can keep businesses one step ahead of disaster. Switching to a cloud ERP platform can be the difference between an organization surviving or having to admit defeat.