VIDEO: Bali’s Mount Agung Volcano Erupts – 100,000 Ordered to Flee, 59,000 Tourists Stranded

By  //  November 27, 2017

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airport closed, volcano’s ash had reached its airspace making it dangerous to fly

ABOVE VIDEO: Bali’s Mount Agung volcano erupted on Saturday evening and three times early on Sunday, lighting its cone with an orange glow and sending ash 4,000 metres into the atmosphere. The second eruption has intensified the watch for a more serious explosion. The eruptions temporarily disrupted some international flights to the popular Indonesian island tourist destination, but the volcano’s alert status has not been increased from the second-highest level and authorities said the island remained safe. (Guardian News video)

(FOX NEWS) – The Indonesian disaster agency on Monday called on 100,000 to evacuate and expanded the danger zone after the eruption of Mount Agung.

Authorities raised the alert to the highest level on Monday following the increased activity over the weekend. The move to close the airport came after tests showed the volcano’s ash had reached its airspace, making it dangerous to fly.

Hundreds of flights were cancelled, leaving about 59,000 tourists stranded on the Island. The closure will continue until Tuesday, but officials said they are closely monitoring the situation and will determine every six hours whether the airport should remain closed.

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