Selecting a Bed is a Big Decision, Here’s Some Helpful Tips When Buying a Bed

By  //  January 21, 2018

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Do the Necessary Testing and Research

Buying a bed is a big decision and knowing where to start can be hard. However, here are some helpful tips.

Buying a bed is a big decision and knowing where to start can be hard. However, here are some helpful tips.

1. Go Prepared

Before setting out for that Bedpost showroom, it’s recommended to know what you are looking for. In other words, what size bed do you need? Some people like pushing the maximum space their rooms allow, while others want something a little more practical and space-saving. So, get the dimensions of your room down on paper and work things from there. Given that replacing the bed alone can serve as a significant makeover, you want to make a wise decision.

2. Consider the Purpose

If you like the idea of giving one piece of furniture a dual purpose, your bed can be the perfect candidate. For example, if you get a bed that’s high enough, you can use the space underneath to store a few things. Also, take into account if you are buying a bed for your kid. The smart move would be to buy a bed that can last them longer than a few years.

The point is, beds come in many shapes and sizes, and you are at liberty to really make them work for you. So, if you want a small one for a child go for a single, or something more luxurious for yourself then a queen mattress could be the option. Couples need at least a twin, but ideally a nice big king.

3. Establish a Budget

This is one of the more difficult steps to follow, because who likes to shop according to a budget? Unfortunately, most people are bound by this rule, and you should establish a clear budget before looking at any beds. Luckily, there is a bed for your budget. Alternatively, you can apply for financing via the Finance Now loan on offer if you are going to make a purchase online. Within about twenty minutes or so, you should have enough money to buy the bed you really want.

4. The Influence On Your Health

If you don’t know by now, a good night’s sleep is critical for a healthy life. And the bed you sleep on is going to make a big difference. This is why you might want to look at designs from Sealy Posturepedic, or Sleepmaker and Beautyrest for that matter.

In fact, why not go a step further and pay more attention to the materials that are used to make the mattresses and the pillows? With some of our range, you will come across Tempur’s US Space Foundation certified materials, a choice you won’t regret.

5. Do the Necessary Testing and Research

Not everyone has a world of time to search for the right bed. Thus, try just five or ten minutes of research, and don’t be scared to make an executive decision based on your needs and budget.

Take note, and this was mentioned earlier, know what you are looking for before heading to that shop. If you want to save time, this is the best way to do it. And once you’re there, give each bed a test. However, try to do the testing while energized. Because going to a bed show while all you can think about is sleeping will definitely influence your judgment.

6. Prevent Things Like Dust Mites

They might sound harmless, but dust mites multiply at a significant speed. And they plan on sticking around for up to three months, while they make more dust mites. These little pests can lead to allergies, asthma, and many other problems. So, keep yourself safe by using a mattress protector when purchasing your new mattress.

7. Don’t Forget About the Pillows

The pillows and the bed need to work together so-to-speak. Having the best bed in the world will not substitute for the bad pillows. Now, depending on the sleeping positions you like, you might want to try out a few pillows before making a final choice.

8. Get Clarity On Delivery

As expected, you can choose to have the bed delivered, or you can load it yourself. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the latter as long as you have the people to help you. The alternative is to have it delivered, and make sure to check those delivery times. You want to be home when the new bed arrives.     

9. Ask Friends and Family

There will always be one uncle or friend who seems a little neurotic when it comes to their bed. Why not get their advice beforehand? They can offer some great tips on what to look for as well, given that technology has improved bed designs substantially.

10. The Last Piece of the Puzzle

The last thing you definitely have to look at is the base of the bed. Because when you are replacing an old spring mattress with something new and modern, it’s only natural to get a base that can support it. What’s the use of good mattress if it’s not getting enough support from the base?