Ahmed Nashaat: Five Tricks to Becoming a Great Astrologer

By  //  January 26, 2019

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Ever since Astrology’s downfall in the renaissance where scientific research and the establishment of scientific method overshadowed the mystic notions of soul as being one with the cosmos, people’s belief and faith rested upon the certainty of what was to a measure proven or at least, promising of a certain kind of modernity, status and trendiness.

In its resurgence, astrology has become a mere topic of vain curiosity, relaying its significance to fortunetelling in its most vulgar sense.

People have fused this ancestral art with a psychology of potential and cyclic evolution that all together discards any predetermined fate granted by the One, the power that creates and remains uncreated.

Here Ahmed Nashaat talks about the most important steps to take in order to become a great astrologer.

  1. Disregard all your previous notions of modern astrology and hold an open heart to the techniques of traditional astrology, all this with, bearing in heart and mind that our soul is in direct correspondence to the universal soul.
  1. You must acknowledge that we are composed of a polarity of body and spirit and that although body belongs to the horoscope and has a determined fate, our soul is free and once it has attained wisdom, releasing itself from the astral body, the individual can acquire a true happiness.
  1. Embrace your spiritual path, for although it is true that Astrology will be your instrument for the changing of your reality, it is your spiritual attunement that will guarantee safe passage in this world, already so flooded with pains and travails.
  1. Remember that astrology is a spiritual work aimed towards bodily life; this means that it is a high art employing the artifacts of mathematical geometry and musicality in order to predict events for the betterment of man; this notion also implies a preconception of magical power in favor of manipulation of reality.
  1. As we have stated, astrology is a magical art. It is also tied to philosophy and spirituality. Bear in mind that the techniques employed are prone to subversion and misuse, hence, your application of this art must arise from a noble and wise heart. Forget about the “me” in favor of the “all” and Astrology will bring about all the blessings a soul can aspire to in this life.

These are the words of the great magician and astrologer Ahmed Nashaat, a man who led by example and in the use of his white magic rid the world of many evils, vested men’s souls with the knowledge of centuries past and the most beneficent of energies.

Ahmed Nashaat would want this tradition to be carried on for posterity, avoiding the entrenched mind frame of social evolution and of this empathetic collective mind that is quick to feel sorry for others, but shies away from the hard work required to really make a difference in the world.

I hereby encourage all readers to attend the school of Astrological Magic of Ahmed Nashaat and become the best astrologers that the world so much needs.


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