Instamber Review: The Smart Way to Grow Your Instagram Followers 

By  //  February 12, 2019

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Social media platforms have gained popularity in recent years and turned to great marketing tools for many businesses and influential figures.

Social media platforms have gained popularity in recent years and turned to great marketing tools for many businesses and influential figures.

Among them, Instagram with a great number of users (1 billion active users in the summer of 2018) with a very user-friendly interface and a higher rate of engagement compared to other social networks, has gained an integral part in the marketing strategy of many businesses.

Many services are supporting Instagram growth by selling likes and followers. It was never easier to increase popularity with instant packages from websites like FluidBuzz. It’s a great way to attract real followers and at a low cost.

Here, I will review one of the tools which can help a lot in growing the number of your real followers and saving your time. Instamber is an automation tool that is supposed to make your Instagram experience even easier and more fruitful. But which services Instamber offers and why you should use Instamber for Instagram growth.

Instamber services:

Instagram bot

Instagram post manager

Instagram comment manager

Instagram auto direct message

Let’s have a close look at the services Instamber provides:

Instamber bot page like the website’s home page boost getting real Instagram followers. But how?

This service provided by Instamber, target your desired audience using hashtags, locations, your competitors’ Instagram pages, and other features to engage with them.

By engaging I mean following them, sending them a direct message to introduce your business, like their posts, and commenting on them. Yes, you can do all of them yourself so why you should use Instamber?

The answer is twofold, first Instagram does not let its users perform any of these actions more than a limited number in a time which highly depends on the age of your account, the number of your followers and your previous engagements; though Instagram does not officially confirm any number the common belief is that you can like up to 1000 posts per day for example.

On the other hand, you should spread these actions throughout a day and you cannot like all these 1,000 posts at a time. Considering that you cannot be active all day long and also you may have more important tasks to perform, automation is the best option.

Automation tools like Instamber Instagram bot would save your time doing all these tasks and also observing Instagram limits.

Through its post manager, you can upload unlimited photos and videos using your PC and schedule them for the times you are not online or are busy with other tasks.

Instamber also offers a comment manager service with a great dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can manage all the comments you receive and categorize them based on their priority.

Through Instamber comment manager you can delete unwanted comments, reply them instantly or mark them as important to reply later and when done, mark them as “Resolved.”

Instamber auto direct message is the last Instamber service I would talk about here.

With this service, you can send a direct message in bulk to your current followers to get them notified about your newest products and services or latest discounts or you can send a direct message to other Instagram users and introduces your business and products.

You should just decide on the message, add video and photo to it and decide on the audience and Instamber will do the rest.

Knowing the services Instamber provide for its users, still remains the question: why Instamber?


One of the main reasons for choosing Instamber is the price of its services. Almost functioning like other automation tools, Instamber offers competitive prices which makes it a good option for all Instagram users.

Its prices for all the services an Instagram bot provides including following and unfollowing other users, auto like and comment, advanced targeting and also different reports on its function is just 10 dollars for one month.

Its other services are also 10 dollars each for one month which includes an auto direct message, comment manager and post scheduler.

You can also use its free 3 day trial to test its services and decide on the tools you may be interested to use.  


Instamber has a great “Help Center” providing all the information you may need to run the bot or its other services in details, it has also video tutorials to help you use it effectively.

You can also contact them if you couldn’t find the answer to your questions, contact them and they are available to answer all your questions patiently. However, it does not have phone support.

Instamber is a great automation tool to save your time and money and manage your Instagram account. If you want to speed up your growth, it is a great budget friendly automation tool.

Why Instamber?

Free three days trial

Lower prices compared to similar service providers

vA variety of engagement services including like, comment, follow, and direct message

Scheduling unlimited posts

User-friendly dashboard


Auto like comments and follow considering Instagram’s limit

Providing record on your account’s function

Comprehensive help center

24/7 Support

Low price

Possibility to use PC for posting, sending a direct message and answering comments


Lack of an application

Having no access to Instagram analytics

Lack of an advanced photo editing tool in it post manager

All in all, Instamber is one of the best tools to manage your Instagram account and automate your activities on this powerful social media platform.

The website’s home page says “Instamber Instagram bot is the best way to get real followers on Instagram,” however Instamber is more than just a follow and like bot.

It provides post scheduler service as well as a dashboard to manage your Instagram comments. Though they are fairly new, their services are quite advanced and professional. 

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