Are eSports a Game or a Sport?

By  //  November 16, 2019

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For most grown-ups, sports means exercise, and exercise is tied in with preparing the body. They need exercise to prepare muscles, develop endurance and furthermore test their willpower time and time again.

For most grown-ups, sports means exercise, and exercise is tied in with preparing the body. They need exercise to prepare muscles, develop endurance and furthermore test their willpower time and time again.

For some grown-ups, in this manner, sports is generally done outside on a field, on the tracks, or in the pool. Yet, for routine Internet users, the definition of sports is a lot broader than that. 

Online sports include playing before a PC various sports game or even look up into sports betting odds of their favorite games.

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Online sports players require mental focus and knowledge, there is no use of any sports gear such as racquets or golf clubs, or soccer shoes – all they need is a keyboard, an advanced mouse and large headphones.

They play sports games on PC screens and on Internet networks. This is likewise called “Cybersports.”

Can eSports players be considered as an “Internet athlete”? 

Cybersports players are regarded as professional gamers, but also as online athletes too. Unlike what many may think, Cybersports or Competitive Gaming is not the same as Simulation Gaming where the player is competing against the computer.

In these games, players compete against each other. A great example of an eSports game is LOL – League of Legends.

It is by a wide margin the biggest and most followed eSports game up until this point, and a great many viewers tune in to watch these professional eSports players playing against each other. 

Yet, often, the question of whether these “players” can be called “professional athletes” arises. Will we really consider them as athletes? Also, can eSports be considered as a real sport?

According to WIRED, eSports is here and it is a big deal, so much that it can threaten viewership for the NFL and other conventional types of games: “It’s not only a leisure activity. It’s becoming a real business.

Supporters like Coke and Red Bull and other major corporate players are dumping money into online streaming tournaments, and sponsorship deals with top players.

Gaming companies are making millions from game sales and more frequently in-game purchases and merchandising.

Prize pools for last year expert tournaments totaled $12 million over the business – and that is just a negligible detail when it comes to money in eSports.” 

The phenomenon 

The success of eSports is for the most part due to the way that technology and gaming has become such a huge part of young people’s lives, not to mention that there are many individuals who play video games in their spare time, so in a way it comes as no surprise that it has become a game followed by people from everywhere worldwide. 

Despite the fact that the eSports fans come generally from Asian countries, it is becoming well known in different countries such as the United States in which its interest and fans are increasing every day.

eSports already generates a multi-million dollar businesses and with a massive number of followers, and like all other sports, eSports games have their space in the online sports betting odds arena, just like NFL, MLB, NBA and F1

It is enough to realize the massive impact of eSports whey we look up at the advertising and endorsements eSports game receives, huge brands are involved in this multimillion-dollar business, through benefits they generate in betting, tournaments, merchandising and more.

Also, gamers unite into clubs, which have their own ever-increasing fan-base.

This is when we realize that eSports as a sport and business is entirely at par with conventional sports and that it seems like the fan base is growing more and more, so it is not going to disappear anytime soon. 

In 2016, the worldwide eSports market earned $327 million and eSports will be included as a sport at the 2022 Asian Games for which market forecast an increase of 21.7% which is nearly $ 900 million. That is huge!