How CBD Works For Senior Citizens?

By  //  November 4, 2019

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Many people, especially elders or seniors, are not known as to how cannabis could be a healthy remedy in enhancing their life! The traditional marijuana consumption has undergone a change which is still not revealed among the elders.

Many people, especially elders or seniors, are not known as to how cannabis could be a healthy remedy in enhancing their life! The traditional marijuana consumption has undergone a change which is still not revealed among the elders.

All this happens because the marijuana plant gives growth to CBD and there’s no trouble in availing the advantage from this extracted CBD which doesn’t invite any health troubles or addicted condition as linked with marijuana usage.

CBD oil is available in the market in lotions, edible oils, creams, and so on.

How can the elders avail benefits link with CBD?

All over the world, CBD is being used widely. Most often, among its users, the biggest crowd comes from the old age people. It is happening since CBD is not linked or invites any bad impact on the human body when compared with the traditional drugs.

Acts as a balancing agent

When the body grows or starts aging, some systems fall short of proper functioning which results in a situation of imbalance. This can be seen in several human systems, including neurological, nervous, limbic, and so on.

These unbalanced systems give rise to some visible symptoms. In such a case, CBD emerges as a natural fighting agent.

Substitutes medication

Most often, traditional medications affect your body with some side-effects. This has created a need for senior citizens to find an alternative solution for body pains.

Why are the senior citizens shifting to CBD as a relieving remedy?

CBD has emerged as a successful alternative to NSAID, which had a long-term impact on the liver and can lead to serious health condition with high doses.

When CBD enters the body, it starts interacting with the endocannabinoid system, without releasing any harmful effects and calming down the condition.

The reason why senior citizen has adopted CBD as a relieving remedy can be learned with the effective solutions provided by CBD. 

To learn those effective benefits, continue with the article:

  1. Best to treat glaucoma

CBD works in the same way as THC works to reduce or eliminate the IoP or pressure generated (intraocular pressure).

THC has also been studied and arose with a beneficial aspect, though it is not recommended for elderly people due to the negative effects associated with it.

In glaucoma condition, the main issue arises due to a high level of IoP. This neurodegenerative condition leads to the creation of neurons deterioration inside the human eye which also blocks brain functioning.

With the help of CBD, one can reduce or calm down the released deterioration resulting in eliminating the symptoms of glaucoma.

  1. Calming down Dementia and Alzheimer

CBD for Alzhiemers’ doesn’t only ensure proper functioning in the neural tissue, which is a major characteristic linked to causing dementia.

Also, it works excellently in acting as a protectant of the neurons to avoid any damage. As a result, it plays a major role in reducing toxicity from the human body which calms down the symptoms of Alzheimers.’

  1. Ease for arthritis

Almost all senior citizens experience body pains such as bone weakness or joint stiffness. Similarly, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (a nearest cousin of arthritis) are also the most common health conditions faced by the elders. CBD reduces the symptoms by working over the inflammatory condition.  

What are the various benefits associated with the CBD for seniors?

CBD comes with several benefits which can be beneficial in improving the quality of health in senior citizens. Read all the beneficial aspects mentioned in the given point:

  1. Reducing painful conditions

There exist numerous studies which point towards the beneficial impact of CBD in painful conditions. As with the medications or drugs, some side-effects interact with the body which is not seen with CBD.

  1. Securing health of bones

Elders will find a great need of CBD for ensuring good health of bones in the future. Moreover, it was revealed in a study that CBD can be used in healing severe fractures. The health of bone is seen directly linked with aging which can be secured by choosing CBD.

  1. Calming results

Among the senior citizens, CBD exists as a famous healer which invites calming results. As an energy booster agent, CBD ensures good health among seniors and fights against severe inertia. It happens due to the main reason that CBD is a strength-builder to boost cell health.

  1. Fight with insomnia

When standing in the elderly age-group, everyone suffers from sleep disorders or insomnia. This can be a troubling situation in enjoying a better life. Due to the sleep disorders, the human body doesn’t get fully-relaxed, which can create health issues for elderly people. Emerged as a health-healer, CBD ensures good sleep quality.

What does the survey say?

Remedy Review conducted a recent study with 1000 elder citizens standing in the age group of 54-above. In the study, it was revealed that about 9% of elders chose CBD as a health relieving agent.

Also, 51% of them gave a clear report indicating a healthy life after CBD consumption for the first time.

More than 65% of those who tried using CBD reported with health benefits. Though, only about 31% of them revealed the same condition before using CBD.

Among all the elders who prefer CBD over-prescribed medications revealed about their usage of CBD drops. About 54.4% of them have tried to intake drops of CBD with the mouth. On the other hand, 21.2% of them chose the consumption of CBD drops in their foods or other beverages.

Another group of 21.1% of elders relied on consuming CBD within an edible source (edibles infused with CBD). Only 15.6 of them have chosen capsules as a beneficial form of the CBD. The vapers for CBD are only present in 10% of them.

In the last year, Harvard Medical School released a post in the Harvard Health Blog which signs towards the existence of several CBD studies revealing effective health benefits linked with CBD.

Also, several studies are available which signs that CBD can be an alleviating agent for health conditions such as anxiety or sleep disorders.

Find the right regimen to intake CBD in seniors

It is very important to find the proper dose which can be consumed by the senior citizens. CBD acts as a medication which should be consumed in proper dosages. Although, it might be a little time-consuming activity to find the right dose as per your condition. But it is not impossible.

In the beginning, a small or medium-dose could be beneficial. Also, there’s no effect linked with the consumption of a high dose.

Though. If CBD interacts for the first time in the human system, it is crucial to take it slowly. Once you’ve got a proper medium dose for some time, you can shift to dose increment.

On the approximation, 15 MG dose of CBD can be taken at the beginning. After experiencing good results, you can increase the dose.  


CBD is a beneficial remedy which heals the health conditions effectively without any side-effects. This has raised the value of CBD consumption among elders. CBD is widely recommended to fight with the symptoms of heart strokes, arthritis, glaucoma, and so on.