Five Unconventional Ways to Find New Real Estate Clients

By  //  December 30, 2019

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As someone looking to establish themselves in the real estate industry, you should consider all the possible options to grow your business.

As someone looking to establish themselves in the real estate industry, you should consider all the possible options to grow your business.

While the industry has updated itself to keep up with the times, one thing that hasn’t changed over the years: building a personal relationship is still the cornerstone of the industry.

If you are familiar with the standards and are looking for some unconventional ways of finding clients, here are five tips:

Expand your horizons 

One difference technology has made in the industry is that now you can easily build relationships and sell real estate beyond your current focus area.

Manage your time in a way that you have some left for opportunities in the neighbouring localities. Besides finding properties, you can also find people who will help you understand the area and condition of the property, so you can market it properly.

Check the Nuwber to learn about the neighbourhood so you can include that information as a feature of the place. The website also allows you to search for people in various states. Use the feature to find out about the neighbours and contact them for their opinion as well.

Find unrepresented sellers 

The for sale by owner market is another unconventional option you should consider. There are several websites that list such properties.

And, the people listing their property there may be listed by themselves for several reasons as well. Use this site to find some owner-listed properties in your area.

Take the time to visit the area and talk with the owner yourself. Tell them how your expertise can make a difference in the duration and profitability of the selling process.

Another way to find potential clients is to give some time to the community. Volunteer at important community events. Create a niche for yourself as the realtor who knows about the community.

Also, keep an eye on potential buyers. Some people may not be looking to sell their home at the moment, but after a conversation with you, they will know who to call when they are ready to sell.

Put some thought into your marketing materials 

Whether you’re new or established, creating a good first impression is an important part of the trade. Think of ways in which you can make your business stand out from the crowd.

One particular area you can target is the business card, as you leave it with most people you meet. With a little research online you can find several services that will design the card for you according to your vision.

There are also several free and paired tools loaded with premade templates you can edit to make them your own. 

Another area you can explore is to go online with your business. These days, a search engine marketing firm can help you find out how many people search for properties online in your area for a reasonable price.

If you have a decent amount of people searching online, then consider making a website for your business.

Making a website is also not as technical or time-consuming as it may seem. Website design services, like Wix and Squarespace, have automated the process to a great extent.

And, if you don’t have the time or prefer hiring a designer, you can hire people to do that as well.

The search engine firms can not only help you find the keywords but also rank your website for those keywords. Ranking here means that your website will appear in the first few search results when people try to find a realtor in that location using the identified keywords.

Present your audience with a complete description of your services and update your website with relevant information, news, events on a regular basis. This will give your clients and new visitors a reason to come back for more. 

Offer a complimentary service 

A real estate transaction is a long process with many services. Think of ways you can complement the main services you offer. Whether it is a free landscaping service, a repair service, or a moving service, giving away something for free shows that you are looking out for your clients and it doesn’t hurt in terms of references as well.

Sending the complimentary service after the sale also enables you to stay connected with the client and strengthen your relationship with them. 

Stay connected online with the people you find 

Social media and online marketing tools have made it easier to stay connected with a large number of people at the same time. Share your social media information with your clients and also ask them for their email on your website and in person. 

Create messages to it remind them of your services, along with related topics, news and events, and email it to them.

There are several email marketing tools, including Drip and AWeber, that allow you to schedule your messages so you can create them at once and put them on autopilot.

Also, take some time to visit relevant websites and social media groups to find people who have more experience than you or are interested in the same topics as you. This will allow you to stay current with your information and also find potential properties you can sell.   

Most real estate markets are competitive and finding good clients in such markets may require you go beyond the conventional methods.

Keep your thinking cap on and try to find ways of edging the competition. The five tips given above allow you to apply your skills in different ways and potentially grow your business as a result.