Quick Renovation Ideas for Your House

By  //  March 16, 2020

Let’s face it, not everyone can splurge on a full house remodel. Depending on the surface area, the types of materials and appliances, and the extent of the renovation, the final bill can be outrageously expensive.

Thankfully, there are numerous things you can undertake by yourself to embellish your home, all without breaking the bank.

In that spirit, we’ve compiled 10 awesome ideas for your next house improvement project that are guaranteed to please the whole family. From your living room to the bathroom, we’ve got you covered!

Enhance Your Entryway

The interior entryway is perhaps one of the most frequented spaces around the house; it’s also an underappreciated one, design-wise.

For improved everyday convenience and a guaranteed impression on your visitors, add a new rug, some mirrors, a repurposed bench, and a wooden coat rack to enhance your entryway in practicality and style.

A custom-designed modern ornamental iron works is also a great option.

Take On Some DIY Painting

No home improvement project would be complete without a bucket of paint and a few brushes. Now, if you’re not afraid of getting dirty, put on some overalls and get ready for some strokes!

Regardless of the room you’re working on, there’s always a wall that needs freshening up. Make sure you’re equipped with adequate tools and to choose a shade that reflects your tastes. A perfect opportunity to unleash your artistic potential!

Put Up New Wallpapers

If painting isn’t your thing, know that wallpapers are coming back in force. Plain, graphic, jungle, textured, the supply is infinite and will fulfill your envies.

Affordable and easy to put up, wallpapers are a great alternative for those looking to add personality and boldness to their living space.

Install New Floors

Many homeowners do not fully realize how floorings can affect a room’s overall vibe. Whether it’s in the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, new floors can transform your space entirely.

If you’re looking for new floors for your house, consider going for colored floor tiles.

We do not recommend taking this on yourself; but rather, calling on the services of qualified professionals for a stress-free installation. It might cost you a little, but it certainly is worthwhile.

Add Baseboards and Moldings

For an added touch of sleekness, adorn your walls with baseboards and moldings to elevate your rooms and confer them a charming look.

You’ll find plenty of DIY guides to build and put up these decorative additions without much hassle or specialized machinery and equipment.

Give Your Stairs a Makeover

Similar to the entryway situation, upgrading your staircase can go a long way in adding sophistication to your house (while preventing slips and falls).

So, you might want to consider setting a new stair-runner to cover up those bland and raw wood planks. It’s guaranteed to make a big difference!

Spruce Up That Fireplace

Nobody wants to stare at an eyesore while getting some comforting warmth on a winter night. Fireplaces are majestic amenities whose designs are too often overlooked.

Fortunately, with the right materials and a little imagination, you can revamp your fireplace to make it an aesthetically pleasing focal point.

Furniture: Refurbished Over Brand New

A golden rule for those looking to upgrade their house while staying on budget is to favor refurbished pieces of furniture over new purchases.

Rummage around your home or garage for anything that can be reused, such as an old armchair, a side table or a buffet. With some polishing, spray paint, and new fixtures, you’ll be able to give your old furniture a second life!

Install a Backsplash

If your wet area (kitchen, bathroom) doesn’t have a traditional tile backsplash to prevent splatters, one thing you can do is create your customized backsplash from scratch. Select a resistant, waterproof material before engaging in shaping, cutting and gluing. Once put up, you won’t ever have to deal with water getting everywhere – or worry about developing mold.

Set the Mood With Light

Last but not least, one of the neatest tricks for a revamped indoors and outdoors area is to upgrade your light fixtures – ceiling, wall-mounted, table or free standing.

Besides adding some decorative accents and pulling your house together, it’ll illuminate your rooms and give the illusion of larger spaces. Don’t hesitate to consult online shopping platforms to explore options and get the best deals!

Ultimately, undertaking house renovations is within the reach of any creative and resourceful homeowner.

That said, renovating your own home can be a lot more satisfying than hiring someone to do the work for you, seeing as hanging up your interior doesn’t require much effort, money or time. With some research and planning, you’re bound to give your house the makeover it deserves!