Seven Décor Ideas for a Traditional Bedroom

By  //  March 4, 2020

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The traditional style of home furnishings is elegant, orderly, and calm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a traditional bedroom that’s as fascinating as it is beautiful.

The traditional style of home furnishings is elegant, orderly, and calm. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a traditional bedroom that’s as fascinating as it is beautiful.

Here are seven ideas for decorating your bedroom in this style.

1. Use a subtle color palette

Many people start their decorating journey with a color scheme. When decorating in the traditional style, the best choices are subtle colors. Rich, brown or black colors are fantastic for furniture pieces. For accessories, choose colors that aren’t too bright or jarring. Remember that this style should promote calmness.

2. Opt for fine wood furniture.

Polished wood furniture made of woods like mahogany, cherry, walnut, or maple has a warm, inviting look. And, they fit in perfectly with a traditional motif. Choose either a natural finish or a stately color like deep black. The most important thing here is that the bedroom furniture has a substantial appearance of fine wood construction.

3. Choose familiar patterns.

As a style that is characterized by tradition and calmness, this style usually uses familiar patterns for accessory fabrics. Choose fabrics that bring up wonderful memories and a nod to the past. Flowered patterns are an excellent choice. And, although smaller patterns were once preferred, now designers are using larger florals to compliment the traditional style.

4. Go for gold.

Gilded furniture components and accessories call to mind wealth and luxury in home décor. Consider the Aida Panel Bedroom Set (Black and Gold).

It has all the hallmarks of traditional style, from fine woods to elaborate ornamentation to enchanting design. It also has edges highlighted with gold foil to give it an even more sumptuous look. And, what could be more classic than gold?

5. Arrange things symmetrically.

When you choose furniture or accessories, remember that you’ll want to arrange everything symmetrically in your room to create the truest traditional style. Take a look at bedroom sets to choose furniture pieces like matching nightstands. Then, add groups of accessories that you can place in even arrangements.

6. Add timeless art.

A nice addition to a traditional bedroom comes in the art you choose. For this style, avoid colors that are too startling, abstract art, and stark lines. Instead, choose something that’s got a more timeless appeal.

One option is to hang photos of your ancestors in gold frames. Another is to choose representative art that depicts natural settings, tranquil scenes, or elegant objects. A reproduction of an Old Master’s painting might be just the thing to complete the look.

7. Avoid Surprises

Updated traditional style is freer than that style was years ago. You have more options while still staying within the style. But one thing you don’t want is anything surprising.

Remember that the goal is a calming, slightly casual bedroom environment. So, stay away from furnishings that are too glaring or unusual.

Decorating in the traditional style is a true art, but you can learn to do it easily with a little thought and experimentation. Choose the furniture and accessories that fit the style. Then, arrange them evenly in the room to create a beautiful, restful bedroom space.