Seven Ways to Protect Your Bed from EMF

By  //  March 12, 2020

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EMF or Electromagnetic Frequency is one of the underlying causes of why you can’t get a good night’s rest. This can lead to a lot of health problems such as weight gain and joint problems.

There are many sources for this type of frequency, which at high levels is pollution in itself. Although you can minimize the emissions from your immediate surroundings, but not totally. Good thing you can protect yourself, especially your bed from this type of disruption

Here are some ways to protect yourself from EMF in your sleep:

Use Specialized Bed Canopy

You can install special canopies over your head to keep EMF away from you when you sleep. The main advantage of having an EMF shielding bed canopy is that you won’t have to do much to alter your room or your habits.

The shield itself is enough to protect you from the EMF outside its domain. You only need to make sure that you don’t bring EMF emitting gadgets inside the canopy when you go to bed.

Turn Off Phones or Switch to Airplane Mode

Our phones are part of ourselves in today’s world. We use it daily not just for calling or sending messages, but also for getting our daily dose of information and entertainment.

But when we are in need of a good night’s rest, they sometimes become a source of distress, even when they are not in use.

The RF emitted from your mobile devices is a major source of EMF and separation we have between them is usually non-existent. To protect your bed from EMF you should eliminate its immediate sources. The next time you want to get a much-needed rest, it is advisable to turn your phones off or switch them to Airplane Mode.

Use Battery Banks When Charging

When charging your phone, if you’re using the main AC power line, you are susceptible to the EMF emitted by the alternating current flowing into your devices.

It is a fact that we often charge our phones near our bed using our main AC power source. The next time you need to charge your phone or other devices, you should consider using a battery bank. The battery is already in DC so there are no pulses emitted when it charges your phone.

Turn Off WiFi

Radiation from our Wifi or router emanates RF all over our home into our bedrooms and to our beds. We often do our online activities before we go to bed and leave the router on when we close our eyes.

If you’re having difficulties sleeping, you might want to set the timer in your WiFi to turn itself off during your sleep period. Or you can just turn it off manually yourself.

Keep Away From Live Wires

Move your bed away from live sockets connected to operating appliances. The pulses radiating from the AC running through the live wire emit EMF that can affect you if it’s near your bed. So to protect it, manage these electrical lines or turn them off when you go to sleep.

Use Sleep Pads

Available in the market today are sleep pads. They are large magnets that you can put beneath your bed to repel EMF coming within its range. Your home electronics may have a wide range, so you can’t really keep them and the EMF they’re emitting away. So it might be best to use this magnet to help you protect your bed from these emissions.

Reduce or Eliminate Blue Light

Blue light from LEDs or fluorescent bulbs is a common source of EMF radiation. This light has a frequency that is likened to the light emitted by the sun.

Our body responds to it by thinking it’s already morning and it’s time to get up. So you can use filters on the lights in your room or replace them entirely. This way your bed won’t get hit by this radiation when you’re asleep.

Using these simple methods you can protect your sleeping area from EMF to get an optimum quality of sleep. Sleep is an essential part of the cycle of the body.

If we mess it up, the effects could snowball throughout the day and will adversely influence your productivity. Employing these simple techniques and devices can help you maintain your rest time for overall wellness.