10 High-CBD Cannabis Strains to Ease Anxiety

By  //  July 18, 2020

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Do you want to relieve your anxiety with CBD? Since it is a legal cannabis product, why not? All you need to do is find a product that is high in CBD. The more CBD that exists, the more anxiety relief you will feel.

Do you want to relieve your anxiety with CBD? Since it is a legal cannabis product, why not? All you need to do is find a product that is high in CBD. The more CBD that exists, the more anxiety relief you will feel. 

Did you know there is more than one type of cannabis plant? Most people assume cannabis is all the same, but it is not. There are actually several different strains of the cannabis plant that exist all over the world.

The most popular cannabis strains amongst farmers and growers are Cannabis ruderalis, Cannabis sativa, and Cannabis indica. 

Several more hybrid strains have been created and discovered throughout the years. The reason people care about cannabis strains is due to the medicinal properties of their CBD compounds.

Each CBD strain has a unique level of therapeutic benefits that are slightly different than the levels found in other CBD strains. That is why it is essential to study these strains and to understand their differences.

When you look to purchase CBD hemp flower from any cannabis retailer, they will likely have multiple strains of it available. Make sure you pay attention to which CBD strain is in the flower before you purchase it.

To help you shop for the right ones, we’ve compiled a list of the best CBD cannabis strains for easing anxiety.   

Below are the top 10 high-CBD cannabis strains to ease anxiety.

1) ACDC Strain

The ACDC Strain has between 14% and 15% CBD inside of it. The amount of THC is less than 0.3%, which means it is a legal cannabis strain to consume. People normally consume the ACDC strain when they want relief from their stress and anxiety. It is also used for pain relief from joint and muscle aches too. People have reportedly felt much happier after consuming this strain.

2) Remedy Strain

The Remedy Strain is a hybrid CBD strain that is 75% Cannabis indica and 25% Cannabis sativa. It also contains about 14% CBD, but with no psychoactive effects given to the user. The Remedy Strain is more recognizable because it has a distinct lemon-pine scent to it. If you need to calm down when you feel unsettled, then this is an excellent strain to take. 

3) Charlotte’s Web Strain

The Charlotte’s Web Strain has been around for a long time. It has only 13% CBD with barely any THC compounds. Many of the commercial CBD products in the store use the Charlotte’s Web Strain because it has a lower percentage of CBD. If you have minor depression or anxiety, then you will like the Charlotte’s Web strain. It should be more affordable than other strains too. 

4) Lifter Strain

The Lifter Strain is gaining some momentum in the cannabis industry because it contains about 16% CBD in it. Even though its odor reportedly smells like cheese, it does give the user a relaxed feeling after they consume it. In fact, a lot of users have noticed their focus gets enhanced from the strain as well. 

5) Harle-Tsu Strain

The Harle-Tsu Strain is marketed as having 13% CBD. However, some tests show that more than 13% of CBD exists in this strain. There may even be up to 21% CBD in the strain. One thing is for sure; it does a great job of enhancing mood and boosting focus. 

6) Sour Tsunami Strain

The Sour Tsunami Strain is a nostalgic high-CBD strain that has been around since the beginning of CBD consumption. It can reportedly make you feel relaxed without any other side effects or feelings of “heaviness” in the brain. 

7) Suzy Q Strain

The Suzy Q Strain is one of the weakest of the bunch. It has only 11% CBD, but at least you won’t feel drained or tired after you consume it. People consume this strain to get the edge off without any intense feelings of relaxation. If you’re tense or anxious, then this is the strain for you. 

8) Elektra Strain

The Elektra Strain contains a whopping 16% CBD with just under 1% THC. Some tests show it might even have 20% CBD. You will feel relaxed for sure after you consume this strain. 

9) Ring’s Gift Strain

The Ring’s Gift Strain contains between 13% and 20% CBD. Different tests show different results, but the percentage is high enough. People who’ve used this strain claimed to have gotten a better night’s sleep. They’ve also felt significantly less stress and anxiety. 

10) Cherry Wine Strain

The Cherry Wine Strain has about 17% CBD. It reportedly creates a feeling of relaxation throughout the muscles and the mind. It may even smell a bit like cheese and wine mixed together.