Polygraph Test at the Company: How it Works and Why it is Useful

By  //  July 13, 2020

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This is what you should know about the use and legality of polygraph exams in companies and how the kind of løgndetektor helps you minimize the risks in the selection of personnel.

Great companies like yours cannot be trusted “in good faith” in building high-performance teams. Using polygraph tests or a lie detector test at the company ensures the reliability of the selection process and avoids headaches.

Psychophysiological examinations or forensic polygraphs make it possible to detect certain behavioral characteristics to have a more accurate profile of who you employ.

Without intending to invade people’s privacy, as some people might think, what you need in this case is to avoid, above all, malicious behavior that could jeopardize your assets, the security of your information, and the legality of your activities.

The cost of a lie detector test UK prices varies depending on the complexity of a case.

What is a polygraph exam?

The polygraph test, known as a “lie detector,” is an assessment that uses scientific instruments to record a person’s neurophysiological changes, following a protocol of questions specifically developed and after prior research to conduct psychological stimulation; with the intention of verifying the truth of the information provided.

This test is also called the Forensic Psychophysiological Test because it uses scientific methods used throughout the world to conduct investigations in various fields, such as crime. It can be said that this is a study that evaluates how the mind is interconnected with the body.

What is a polygraph?

It consists of special software with connections to different sensors that receive and analyze the physiological reaction of the person being evaluated, after questions stimulate, and record it continuously in a graph.

It consists of:

• Pneumograph: This records the movement of the chest during breathing. Measure the heart rate.
• Sphygmomanometer: It has a sleeve and a manometer to measure blood pressure.
• Galvanometer: With it the galvanic response or skin conductance (sweating) is recorded.

How does the polygraph exam work? Step by step:

When you will apply this exam, you must proceed as follows:

1. Begin by conducting interviews and gathering relevant data to design exam questions.

2. The interviewee must be explained about what the test is, the concepts to be evaluated and how the polygraph works.

3. Once, the student has knowledge of the exam and questions to be asked, through the signing of an authorization document stating that he accepts the requirements and submits voluntarily.

4. The instrument components are then arranged and linked to the interviewee to record their physiological reactions.

5. Once connected to the instrument, questions that generate stimuli begin to be asked, and answers will begin to appear simultaneously on the graph.

6. The fact that everyone reacts differently, guarantees that test-takers cannot make variations on the answers.

7. Finally, the evaluating team of experts must conduct an analysis of the reactions listed, which will allow to determine whether there is a lack of truth.

Conditions for taking the exam

To avoid affecting the results of the examination and the physiological state does not change, those who undergo this examination must do so in a stable health condition, deep sleep, not taking any drugs or psychoactive substances.

Use of polygraphs in the company: assistance for the selection of personnel

When businesses with strong competitiveness with them require highly qualified and reliable personnel to take positions of high performance, commitment and responsibility and fulfill certain objectives; they chose to take this exam in their admission process.

Likewise, companies look for this methodology when they experience a loss or damage to their assets and are forced to conduct an investigation among their team of collaborators. In countries like the United States, this methodology is used privately and in state agencies such as the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, DEA.

Legal aspects that you should know about this exam

If you want to use this Forensic Psychophysiological Examination to choose the ideal candidate for your business, you must use a security specialist company that gives you all the support so that you will not be subject to violations of the Act and respect the provisions set out to implement it as:

• Data obtained through polygraphs are confidential and will only be disclosed to the person being evaluated.
• Questions should not include questions raised about the sexual life, political orientation or religion of the examinee.
• When this examination is carried out to carry out investigations at the organizational level of the type of law, the results cannot be used as proof elements to justify dismissal or impose sanctions. If you do, your employees may be able to appeal to the guardianship actions which in this case, legally, will benefit them.

Benefits of a Forensic Psychophysiological Exam or polygraph exam in your company:

1. Implement a plan for improvement and prevention of bad behavior.

2. Detection of employees with the possibility of participation or connection with dishonest activities.

3. Identify the various levels of risk in your company such as infiltration, bribery, corruption; by networks of drug trafficking, terrorism, kidnapping, extortion, arms trafficking, rebellion, crimes against the financial system, illegal enrichment, money laundering and, in general, any exposure to illegal organizations.

4. Protection of your company’s confidential information.

Hopefully, you can benefit from reading this article.


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