The Pros and Cons of Digital Romance

By  //  August 12, 2020

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Online dating has taken off in recent years, with more and more singles being drawn to the convenience of searching for partners from their laptops or smartphones.

Online dating has taken off in recent years, with more and more singles being drawn to the convenience of searching for partners from their laptops or smartphones.

It does seem such a straightforward way of arranging your love life. You complete a webform, gain access to the profiles of other singles, send direct messages, then start flirting with the ultimate aim of arranging a get-together. On the face of it, joining a dating site is surely so much handier than the offline alternative?

The true answer to that question is yes and no. Here are some of the pros and cons of digital romance according to dating experts from Beyondthecharter. 

Pro: there’s so much choice at your disposal

Sites have long evolved beyond places where single A goes to connect with single B. Nowadays, there’s a website for every type of dating you could think of.

From cougar romance right down to more mundane backgrounds like sites catering to heavy metals fans or Star Wars costume fanatics.

Con: this is a crowded marketplace

With so many possibilities, it can become confusing deciding which particular digital outlet is most suitable. Within the individual sites, there can be an incredible number of other site users clamoring for attention.

Being spoiled for choice is no bad thing, but it can also place a burden on singles chatting online, who are constantly thinking if there might be someone more interesting around the corner.

Pro: it’s a terrific way for shy people to connect

Dating sites are ideal for introverts who would normally feel awkward in social situations or noisy nightclubs. The digital environment is comfortable and relaxing, giving them space to seek out singles who are most compatible. They can take their time building a connection with regular messages, so when they eventually meet for a face-to-face date the experience will be far less traumatic than a blind date.

Con: some users would fail lie detectors

The trouble with dating profiles is there’s no such thing as quality control. Many site users decide the best way to cope with the crowded nature of Internet dating is to present a hyperbolic image of themselves, exaggerating their achievements, or Photoshopping their profile photo to make them look as attractive as possible.

Pros: you’ll meet interesting individuals

In the digital world, you’ll connect with so many exciting individuals, far more than you would in many months of hanging around in singles bars or clubs. Many of the larger dating sites command memberships running into millions, so you have every chance of connecting with a Parisian nurse or a pilot from Nigeria – who knows?!

Con: you’ll come across unscrupulous ones

All site users have to beware bogus individuals who take advantage of the anonymity of the digital environment and are not interested in dating at all.

They might not even be operating under their actual name – a phenomenon known as catfishing. They’ll be adept at worming their way into the affections of gullible singles before trying to tease out bank passwords.

Pros: you can easily build a rapport

It can take some time to develop a sense of chemistry with another single in the offline world. When you go online, you can get into an exchange of flirty messages, rapidly gaining a sense of finding out about someone’s character.

Con: you can get bogged down online

For some, the allure of digital communication means they can become reluctant to continue the connection in the real world. They get so used to texting, the thought of actually meeting up and chatting face-to-face becomes less alluring.